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Old 12-04-2009, 04:22 PM
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Default Any Tritton AX720 owners? I need your help please and thank you

Hey I just received my Tritton AX720s yesterday and they sound great! Im confused though as to what lights should be lit (and what colours) on the amp. The manual says the first light is the DD light, and should be blue (which it is on mine), the 2nd should be no light (white light means its on pro logic), which my light is off too. But the third should be light white which means its the headphone Dolby mode and the 4th should be white as well for game mode - nether my 3rd or 4th lights light up unless I turn on prologic then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th all light up white, wtf. I played with the mode button and it seems like it only has 3 options

1) Blue light on, rest off
2) Blue light on, rest white lights
3) Blue light on, 2nd and 3rd white lights, 4th green.

I just dont know which is DD5.1?

Ive done some testing with them in movies and games in those 2 modes specifically 1) first light on, rest off 2) All are on. When I have all 4 lights light up it doesnt have much surround action, in fact Im not able to distinquish where the sounds are coming from. It just sounds like a big bowl with an even sound field. But when I set the amp so only the first is on and rest are off, it has much more surround action. In fact its not even comparable between the two in terms of surround effects. But what I dont get is, the manual says the 3rd and 5th lights should be on white to get DD5.1 (not prologic), and when theyre off you get prologic. But for me, it seems the opposite, wtf is up with that?

Also I notice the first light is blue when i watch blurays and white when I play games, why doesnt it show a white light in movies when my PS3 is still sending out 5.1 signal.
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