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Old 10-14-2009, 11:42 PM
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Default PS3 slim marking up discs

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums, although I've been to the site a bunch of times before. Anyway, like the title says, The ps3 slim that I recently bought has been leaving lines on the discs when they are ejected. They are not scratches, as they can be wiped off easily. I'm guessing its some sort of dust buildup maybe? I've went through 4 consoles trying to get one that doesn't do this, but no luck.

Someone made a post about this over a year ago, before the slims were out, and they suggested wetting a q-tip with alcohol and running it along the felt. I did that, and it only made the discs get marked up more. What I have noticed is that it only leaves marks on blueray movies/games. The line generally runs across half of the disc (the half that is still in the drive when it gets ejected) I can put in a dvd or cd and it won't leave the lines on them, for whatever reason. It also seems that after I have cleaned a disc off, it gets the lines on it easier. I don't know why the systems are doing this. I'd like to think that this is semi-normal for the slims, and that its something that will go away in time, maybe after the disc drive is broken in a bit more. I find it odd that with the ps3 being so reliable, that I have coincidently managed to get four defective systems. I like all of my media to be in perfect condition, which is why this bothers me. For the price that you pay for games and consoles, it shouldn't be happening, even if the marks have 0 effect on gameplay and can be wiped off easily.

Does anyone have any answers or suggestions about this? Thank you for any help.
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