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Default Beta Impressions

This thread shall be dedicated to all those hard working beta testers.

Feel free to post your impressions on the games you've had the pleasure to do the testing on -- only if the NDA is lifted, of course.

My impressions this year, so far (pictures and video links will follow later on).


Quite a fun game. I like the whole theme and it's definitely a change of pace from the usual WoW "clones". Quests are fun and intuitive and the creators put a lot of thought into this, as they are not the usual "kill 3 bears and 1 unicorn" thing, but rather mini-games and puzzles.

What I especially liked:

+ Adorable pets
+ A unique classing system. Actually, you control all classes at the same time, while changing their specialities on the fly.
+Casual (Finally! A MMORPG for the whole family!)

What I did not like:

- Pets are $2-4US a pop and there is no other way to get a permanent pet, but taking out your CC.

Dungeons And Dragons Online: Ultimate

Best MMORPG ever. And I'm not just saying that, because Turbine rewarded me with 500 points of their in-game currency for testing their game.

Seriously, that game is an D&D players dream. It combines the complex 3.5 ruleset with a fast paced action style gameplay. The first few beginners quests are easy to solve and inform you on most of the more important things.

Since it's Ultimate, it comes with a full level set, up to to lvl20. That may not sound like much, but the expert (A)D&D player knows, that there is a lot of months -- perhaps years -- to spend on achieving that.


+ The combat system
+ The variety within each class
+ The new beginners area (rather than directly going to Stormreach after a short introduction, you now spend your first hours on a small island, not far from the mainland)
+ The item shop sells some very valuable items (including full-fledged equipment)


- Too few classes/races, overall.
- May seem quite unfair, due to the item shop (Perfect +1 equipment on the fly).
- Most of the quest modules have to be bought for an extra.
- Not that beginner friendly at all (later "solo" quests tend to be abnormally difficult).


Not that much to report, that far. The download seems to be faulty, however. I've got 10GB left on my HDD and the download is only 9GB. Right now, it looks like I will run out of memory before the download hits 50%. How can that be?

Oh ya, here's a picture of my beta key. Nifty, eh?

Beta reports on some other MMORPGs (including AION) will follow later on.

Your impressions don't have to be those of MMORPGs, of course.
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