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Old 06-02-2009, 01:17 PM
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Default James Cameron's Avatar


James Cameron's Avatar has been a long time in the making. His goal has been a "fully immersive" flick. To bring the game version to life, Cameron said he carefully chose his partner, Ubisoft.

In the Ubisoft press conference, Cameron said he knew that he found a worthy partner in Ubisoft "I didn't want anything associated with the movie to suck." The game, Cameron conceded, should not be a slave to the movie. New characters, new weapons and new stories were created for the game.

Ubisoft had access to all the film assets during the game's lengthy development process. While most movie games are rushed out to meet a short film production schedule, the Avatar game had a production development timeline. Some of Ubisoft game designs were even incorporated into the movie.

As Cameron pointed out in the Ubisoft presser, players can even choose sides ("good guys" or "bad guys") during the game, which is based on the film's universe, but still movie-spoiler free.

Avatar is the first major stereoscopic 3-D title.
Looks good IMO.
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Old 06-02-2009, 01:19 PM
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Yeah, this could actually be a good movie game if you listened to Cameron's incredibly long conversation.
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Old 06-02-2009, 01:25 PM
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Halo: Avatar!
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Old 06-02-2009, 04:36 PM
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This has me more excited about the movie...then anything. As this is basically the first bit of visual info I've ever seen. I'm pumped. It looks like a fantastic ride.

To think this is going to be a full 3D Film done by Cameron. All other experiences will pale in comparison.
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Old 07-25-2009, 10:10 PM
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James Cameron's Avatar is more than a game; it's a 3D experience. The goal is to match the vision of the movie, Ubisoft representatives have explained. Though you don't have to play the game in 3D (there's an option to turn it on or off), it looks so good you may want to invest in a 3D-capable television for when the game comes out this fall. Either way the game looks stunning. The planet of Pandora is a tropical haven of exotic plants that glow at night and is home to colorful dinosaur-like creatures. In 3D, everything pops with "Depth of Field" effects that appear as though you're looking into the world as well as "Out of Field" effects where things, such as hanging vines and charging beasts, come out of the screen at you.

Call To Arms

After the buzz of the 3D effects settle in, your attention will go to the game's pilotable mech walkers. While battling on the surface of Pandora, there looks to be a handful of different vehicles you'll be able to drive into the heart of the Na'vi, Pandora's ten foot tall humanoid inhabitants. The walkers are inspired by the powerloaders from Aliens, but are equipped with heavy firepower and make quick work of the powerful Na'vi hunters.

You're also going to be upgrading your soldier with new armor and weapons as you progress through the game. The Na'vi are huge, native hunters that find your presence on Pandora very unwelcome. We got to see some of the new armor, but the weaponry was limited to what looked like a standard assault rifle. We're not sure how the upgrade system will work exactly, but each enemy killed nets you experience points that you can spend to upgrade your character every few levels or so.

Skills are another important part of your arsenal, and they go beyond the passive skills you might see in an RPG game. Instead, skills allow you to do things like cloak yourself, Predator style, in order to sneak around enemies. You can also choose to repulse nearby enemies to create some breathing room. These are the only skills we witnessed, but the final version of Avatar will include more.

Moral Dilemma
If the standard third-person shoot-and-kill soldier play style isn't your thing, you can also play as an Avatar. Avatars are human-Na'vi hybrids engineered by humans who cannot breathe the air on Pandora. Through mind control, you will guide an Avatar to fight with the Na'vi against the invading humans. Ubisoft said there is a point in the game when you'll have to make a tough choice: Stay and fight with the RDA military, or join the Na'vi as an Avatar.

As an Avatar, the creatures of Pandora accept you as one of their own. We watched a short Avatar segment as the player rode on the back of a giant flying creature through a beautiful grand canyon. Based on some of the other creatures we saw from the RDA side of the game, you'll probably be able to ride those creatures as well.

In closing, Avatar looks rad, especially in 3D. Avatar is also coming to the Nintendo Wii, but it's a totally different game. The Wii version features two-player co-op, stealth gameplay, and impressive graphics even for the Wii. You will play as a ten-foot tall Na'vi hunter equipped with a battle staff and bow and arrow as you fight against the invading humans.

This was only the first look at Avatar and we're sure there is a lot more that Ubisoft will be unveiling between now and when the game comes out this fall.
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