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Default 21 free Home items! Namco Museum Beta Guide!

This game (demo/beta) has been out for a few months and I really didn't give it much thought till I found out you can unlock Arcade Machines for your home spaces! Over the last few days I have been looking over the internet and playing the games included and now have unlocked all 21 items! Below is a guide I found and have added to/changed on how to get them.

1. What is Namco Museum Beta?

This is a beta filled with Free Playstation Home items! It contains 2 playable levels of the classic arcade games: Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga and Xevious. You unlock the Home goodies by unlocking one of the 4 in game achievements.

The beta also has missing games from it's menu displaying them as, "secret". These are not on the beta and cannot be unlocked.

2. How to Get Namco Museum Beta!

All you basically have to do is create a new PS3 user and then create a Hong Kong PSN account. HK is the best one as everything is in English, so viewing and downloading the beta will be easy. Just click on demos and scroll down. Remember: When playing and unlocking items make sure you log/sign into the main account you travel Home in or the items wont show up!

4. The Free Home unlockables!

Male (clothing)
- Namco Cap
- 5 t-shirts
- 1 pair of pants

Female (clothing)
- 5 t-shirts
- 1 pair of shorts
- 1 pair of shoes

Home (Decorations)
- 4 arcade cabinets (1 of each game which launches the corresponding game's beta)
- 1 pooka statue
- 1 Namco stool
- 1 four in one table top arcade cabinet (gives you the option to select from the 4 games). You get this after unlocking all the rest of the items. Total of 21 items to unlock. Remember: Others who visit your Home space can play these arcade games but they have to have the Namco Beta on their PS3 as well!

3. The Achievements need to unlock the Items.(not to be confused with Trophies/360 Achievements)
I. Pac-Man
In order to obtain the 4 achievements in Pac-Man you must:
- Get a cherry ~ Shows up in level 1.
- Get a strawberry ~ Shows up in level 2.
- Get to level 2 ~ Easy, just collect all dots in level 1.
- Get all 4 ghosts in one power pellet (1600 points). Can be hard to do, just run around and eventually the 4 ghosts will kinda bunch together, head for a power pellet and chase them down!

II. Dig Dug

In order to obtain the 4 achievements in Dig Dug you must:
- Get to stage 2 ~ Defeat all the enemies in stage 2.
- Get the carrot on the 1st Stage (You must make 2 rocks fall to make it appear)
- Get the turnip on the 2nd Stage (You must make 2 rocks fall to make it appear)
- Crush 2 monsters with the same rock ~ Keep dropping the rocks and eventually you'll get 2. Let the monsters out and they'll chase you, head for a rock then dodge to the side and let it fall.

III. Galaga
In order to obtain the 4 achievements in Galaga you must:
- Beat level 1 ~ Defeat the first wave of enemies.
- Beat level 2 ~ Defeat the second wave of enemies.
- Have your ship captured and reclaim it ~ To have your ship captured keep at least 2 of the enemies at the top including one from the back row(back row enemies are the ones who capture your ship). Let it suck up your ship, after it's at the top shoot the enemy who took it to get it back!
- Have your ship captured and destroy it ~ Same as before only this time shoot both the enemy who has it and your ship!

IV. Xevious

In order to obtain the 4 achievements in Xevious you have to:
- Complete area 1 ~ Area 1 ends after the large 4 circle enemy.
- Complete area 2 ~ Just keep going till the game resets.
- Find the first "Sol Tower", you don't need to destroy it (See pic and very good video below). Remember: Don't bomb any of the ground bases before this point!
- Find the "Special-Flag", you can find it in the first river that goes right across the screen.

The location of the "Special Flag" is always on the same horizontal line, but the vertical alignment is random. Meaning it will be in that river, right on the edge. I think the first bomb you drop in the river will make it appear. I found it in the middle of the river when I got it.

This video helped me alot with Xevious!

Thanks and good luck!

Thanks also goes to wildmatt at giantbomb.com and a neogaf help thread I found.

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Cool, not interested in the home stuff, but the beta would be cool - playin a little pacman on my PS3! :PO)
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