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Default Does MS really hate user-generated content?

We all know the old argument, MS will never allow user-generated content onto the XBL network. But how much do they really hate user generated content?

1) XNA games - basically user generated content that has a small amount of MS certification to get posted.

2) Halo 3 Video/Map & Far Cry 2 Map Editor - Sure, not as robust as full-on mods in the PC community, but a start that both allows innovation from the player and still allows Microsoft to make sure no one breaks their 360 (which would inevitably be blamed on MS no matter how much the fault was on the user for downloading a broken mod) in the process.

3) Champions Online - not only does it allow crossplatform 360/PC play, but it's been confirmed that MS has agreed to allow Cryptic to let 360 owners download user-generated content for the game (source:

4) Xbox Live Server Platform (XLSP) - Using XLSP, publishers can provide user-generated content directly from their own servers instead of Marketplace. Of course, such publishers would be solely responsible for all content delivered by these means. During a panel at Gamefest, someone even asked if it would be possible to create a PC level editor that built levels playable on an Xbox 360. In response, Microsoft Software Design Engineer Zsolt Mathe said, "Even though nobody has done that, I would highly recommend that." (A link to the XLSP SEC filing which details in a technical manner the capacilities of the program)

5) Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts: Haven't played the game, but I know it allows for some form of user-generated content in terms of building unique contraptions with the items that exist in the game. It's a truly limited form, but Rare is supporting the concept with Design Contests ( which should help grow the idea.

On top of that, while Little Big Planet has user-generated levels, we've already seen what kind of crazy oversight Sony has initiated, and how they jumped the gun to unilaterally delete people's hard made work.

Furthermore, for user-generated content on UT3 on the PS3, people had to download the add-ons to a jump-drive from their PC and then put that into the PS3 and copy them over. Hardly as easy as say, sharing video files and levels on Halo 3 or Far Cry 2 (which is multiplatform).

To be clear, the PC is always the clear winner when it comes to user-generated content with no limitations (except the inherent risks that you will break something and have to re-install the game or worse).

But is the Xbox 360 truly a closed platform? I don't think so, and it's likely only to get better as time goes forward. Is Sony the clear winner in user-generated content? Maybe for the time being, but only marginally, IMO, and with the XLSP in the works we may see a new advancement in user-generated content on the consoles...or not?

Thoughts? (or more likely) Disagreements?
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