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Default City of Heroes: Who played it? Post your characters.

Well, I used to play this MMO and to me, it's the best one I've ever played. The customizability of your character is still unparalleled. So, post your characters and tell me what you think of mine, please.

I had two main characters with which I'll try and describe now(this was the best part about CoH for me, making superheroes.)

1. Streamlined(Speedster/Blaster): As a kid, David Barry was enthralled with comic superheroes and wished to grow up as one, however, as time went on, a shift in story telling got David off of comics for good(Golden Age to Silver Age). He believed the morals and good natured superheroes were dead and didn't want anything to do with them, however, as David sat watching Haley's Comet fly by, he was bathed in the most radiant light he had ever seen. The next day, he was late for work and ran outside only to end up in Egypt. He hid this gift from the world for a year, till one day it hit him. I can bring them back, the Golden Agers. He moved to Paragon City to prove once and for all that old-school is the only school worth attending.

2. McAwesomePants(Scrapper/Flight): One night, Jerry Curls had just been kicked out of his girlfriend's apartment. After stealing money from a 2nd grader and getting beat up by the kids brothers, Jerry stumbled into an alley way and wondered just where his life was. He crawled into a dumpster to get a goods night rest and found a magical Katana. Right by the katana were some a pair of pants blazened with the most majestic colors he'd ever seen.Too awesome for words, they were almost McAwesome. He shrugged and decided to move to Paragon City and become a hero.

Streamlined I got up to level 27 and he was an eng/eng blaster. I believe I got McAwesome Pants to level 15(I at least got my travel power which was flight for him) and I think he was a katana/eng Scrapper.

Well people, post what you got.
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