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Old 06-20-2008, 07:35 AM
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Default Spore...

Well Spore Creature Creator came out on Wednesday, the preliminary installment to the actual game... which is great actually because it gives people time to build an Army of goofy creatures and decide what they like before they throw them into the Spore World.

Most times when you get a game like this (sims, etc...) your rushing your first few creations because you want to play the game, not waste time creating content. And Will Wright has done something hardly any other game has done.. let the people help create the content (because they will if you let them, and they're not on the payroll)

So far this "preliminary add-on" ROCKS!! It's almost like your inside 3D Max playing with all the options... and there's so many options and bodyparts and modifyers that the designs are damn near limitless... only one thing missing of course and that's Fur. (but try animating fur.. that gives Modelers nightmares on a daily basis) You're limited at the moment to a big circle.. (Imagine fighting "Zoltar in the Ring of Death"... same concept.. cept no Zoltar) You're limited to movement inside of the circle.. but movement alone is hysterical at times.. like the one-legged Q-tip creature I made last night that hops around.

Each creature can be tested for it's movements.. sitting, jumping, flipping, spinning, even dancing... every creature has about 5 different dances. (trying to do the "Point" dance with a toon with no arms still works.. it points with it's head very convincingly) This is right out of Pixar, making things work that really arn't suppose to. (Such as giving Mike from "Monter's Inc" emotions... how do you give an eyeball facial expressions??? They did it.. and the game is so smart it can give emotions to any creation... even a stick if that's all you make.

Spore Creature Creator connects to a database of shared creatures from around the world called "Sporepedia".. you can edit and keep anyone elses creation in your inventory or share your creatures with the world also.. I can imagine the database eventually offering new eyeballs and ears and horns and other appendages to advance the creations more in the future) so far the Sporepedia has about 735,000 members.. and it's only been 2 days.

This game may very well be the most ambitious creation ever made... (especially when the game arrives in September and the "ring of death" disappears so you can explore.. It may very well end my days with Warcraft. (and that's saying something)
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Old 06-20-2008, 12:01 PM
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Yeah this looks interesting. I thought it was funny when people started making creatures out of their favorite console controllers.
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