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Default Kingdom Hearts for the DS, PSP, Cell

Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show presentation is currently going down in Japan and we've got the first details on the trio of new Kingdom Hearts titles.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP looks to be a single-player adventure in the vein of the PlayStation 2 iterations, though not "Kingdom Hearts III." Birth by Sleep's protagonist was not explicitly named in the presentation, but he looked an awful lot like Zack of Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core fame.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for Nintendo DS appears to star Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II, but its main draw looks to be four-player simultaneous play using members of Organization XIII. It will be in full 3D.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded is a mobile game, likely for Japanese cell phones. It stars the familiar cast of main characters from the original Kingdom Hearts (Sora & co.) and seems to be set between the first and second PlayStation 2 titles.

Each title is said to have a time-related theme: Birth by Sleep is "the distant past," KH: 358/2 Days is "time of the other side," and Code is "time has gone by." More as it comes!

Here is a link to the trailer for "Birth by Sleep" (This may say Kindom Hearts II: FM, but it's not)
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PSP version.....mine!
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