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    Default Super Mario. Bros Crossover 2.0 Introduces New Characters and an SNES Look

    The soon-to-be updated free flash game lets you bring even more classic characters in to fight Goombas.

    Play the current version here -

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    That's pretty cool.. wonder if the big N will shut it down..
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    SMB Crossover is actually pretty freakin' sweet. the only problem it has is balance. some characters just CAN'T jump worth a fuck, and that original game had more than a few levels that made using a few characters nigh impossible.

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    It's weird seeing NES-era sprites upgraded to a 16-bit look. I was a little confused though, do those graphical changes happen when you actually get hit or power up or was that just a clever way to show that different levels have different styles?

    Quote Originally Posted by hdinred View Post
    That's pretty cool.. wonder if the big N will shut it down..
    I wouldn't think so, the first one has been around for a good while.
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    Not sure how this is "hi-def" news, but I'll take it nonetheless. Pretty darn fun seeing those characters in Mario, but also messes with my childhood memories.

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