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Default Exclusive Beautiful Katamari Demo in new OXM plus GTA 4 info and reviews

Beautiful Katamari Demo only for the OXM

Cover Story
Grand Theft Auto IV

tidbits from the article:
- Francis McCreary, a corrupt police officer, knows that Nikko committed a felony and instead of turning him in, he asks Nikko for a favor. he wants him to kill a lawyer, Mr. Goldberg (this could lead to a bigger part of the story)
- cell phones play a big part in GTA IV. it's one of the main ways to navigate through the city.
- it's "rumored" that a flamethrower and rocket launcher will be in the game.
- you'll access multiplayer from your cell phone while playing the game.
- you can go to internet cafes. in one particular mission, Nikko sent a resume over the internet to the people he's about to kill.
- if you ride in a cab as a way to get to wherever you're going, it switches to first person view.
- the A.I. of the pedestrians are much, much more life like. for example, if you stare at someone for to long, they'll ask you what you're looking at, in a not so very nice way.
- you will be able to visit the "Statue of Happiness" aka the Statue of Liberty.
- the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Ground Zero will not be mentioned nor referenced anywhere in GTA IV.
- the wanted level system has been tweaked a bit. now instead of just getting wanted stars, a radius appears around you, which you can see on your mini map when you commit a crime such as killing in the open, etc. the more stars you get, the bigger the radius is. once you're out of the radius the wanted stars will disappear. if you're close to being out of the radius and a police officer spots you, a new radius will appear at your current position and you'll have to continue running until you're out of the new radius.
- you'll be able to hotwire "certain" cars. now when you hijack a car, Nikko will smash his elbow through a window instead of just throwing the person out and jumping in the car.

Xbox 360

Eternal Sonata - 8.0
The Darkness - 8.0
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 5.5
Ratatouille - 5.0
Nascar 08 - 8.0
Hour of Victory - 2.5
Stuntman: Ignition - 8.0
Vampire Rain - 3.5
Overlord - 8.0
All-Pro Football 2K8 - 8.0
NCAA Football 08 - 8.0
Transformers - 5.5

Xbox Live Arcade

Bomberman Live - 8.5
Marathon: Durandal - 5.5
Hexic 2 - 8.5
Super Contra - 6.5
Pac-Man Championship Edition - 6.5
Yie Ar Kung-Fu - 2.0

NCAA Football 08 - 9.0

Rumor Mole

The Mole has a "bankable source" that tells him Metal Gear Solid 4 will be coming to the Xbox 360 and the port will be handled by a non-Kojima-led team. expect in a few months after the PS3 version.

- Harmonix is thinking about dropping the price on the wireless guitar and getting rid of the wired axe. reason: price is the only thing stopping it from selling tons of units.

- where did the Guitar Hero II downloadable songs go? the Mole suspects that Activision/Red Octane wanted to price the batch lower, but Microsoft was scared of the precedent it would set.

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