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    Default The Circle of Life Continues in First Teaser Trailer for THE LION KING Remake

    A new king will be crowned in July.
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    Oh, lazy Disney...
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    Quote Originally Posted by twonunpackmule View Post
    Oh, lazy Disney...
    Am thinking it might be an act for act remake with very few changes. Hell, the trailer shows the stampede scene, which for Disney was a HUGE undertaking in 1994 as it was a new technology back then, their CAPS program. And technically, it is *still* animated, just modern realistic animation instead of hand drawn. The same color palette as well, which I enjoyed from the original.

    Will still probably love it (almost) as much as the original. Am glad they kept James Earl Jones in the cast, still as Mufasa.

    I can't wait to see what Timon and Pumbaa look like, lol, or even Zazu.
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