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Old 01-15-2010, 05:26 PM
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Default Thread Suggestion for Blu Ray Trading Forum

With the Steelbook thread gone, would it be possible to create a new hybrid thread for packaging? From what I'm thinking, It could be run in much the same way that the $10 or less thread is run. (ie. no chit chat, strict rules to follow, etc.)

From time to time I come across some good deals on Blu's but they're missing... A) The Slipcover B) The SlipBox (for trilogys and the like C) a Digital Copy Code etc. and I then have to try and scrounge through all the many many threads in the trading forums hoping to find a user who has what I'm looking for, for sale. My thought was if we created an specific thread for people that these items to unload it would make locating them somewhat easier. With the steelbook thread closed, I also figured that would be a good place for people to list the empty Best Buy Steelbooks if they didn't have the movies to go with them as well.

Not a priority by any means, but if it keeps the main board a bit cleaner and allows easier access to odd ball wants I figure it couldn't hurt.

I am aware of the Home Theater forum for all the other odds and ends people sell, however if we put a specific thread for specific items in place, (In this case Blu Ray related bits) we can avoid having a bunch of threads in that forum selling this stuff and could instead condense it down to one easily manageble post. Not to mention it'd make finding the stuff much MUCH more manageble.
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