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Old 11-23-2009, 10:17 AM
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Default Review suggestions, concerning supplements part of review

One thing in the reviews that I notice are inconsistent in regards to supplements, is that some reviewers will always as first sentence mention something like "All the elements from all the versions of the DVD release have been ported over...". And then maybe end that statement with mention of nothing more beyond that or that other new never seen supplements are here too.

It would be great if this was just a requirement with every review. It really helps a collector like me know if I should hold onto my DVD copy or just sell it.

An example from "Groundhog Day":
This Blu-ray carries over the same extras found on the previous standard DVD special edition, with nothing lost in the conversion

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You can't compare what is reviewed to what it says on the back of your case?
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often times a reviewer doesn't have, or sold their previous DVD copy. then they have to rely on the words of other reviewers, on their DVD reviews.

not exactly a win situation.

you'll notice in Josh's Galaxy Quest review, there is an entire section of the review for missing pieces.
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If a reviewer doesn't wish to include this information in their review, one can use the following sources to do the research.

DVDEmpire (Back cover scans)
Axelmusic (Back cover scans)
Laserdisken (Back cover scans)
AllMovie (click on titles DVD release which may list full menu options)

DVDBasen or other review search engines (as most reviewers do a decent job of articulating DVD extras and can be relied upon) like IMDb's external reviews section which may list a DVD review or MRQE.
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