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Default Aren't Moderators supposed to Moderate and be impartial?

In my several years of participation on many forums for several different genres (High Def, AVS, Politics, Lifestyle, etc.) I have never seen a forum Moderator take such an active, aggressive and partisan role as I have seen HD-DED take here on High-Def Forums.

It has been my experience that Moderators take a "behind the scenes" role in moderating forum discussions, ensuring members follow forum roles and procedures. When Moderators do post, their posts should set the standard for conduct and language. I don't think these posts set any standard for language:

Originally Posted by HD-DED View Post
Do I have a problem saying it sucks? Not at all! I think it sucks that WB thinks that the IME is more important than getting a solid HD movie out to everyone at the same time loaded with...
Originally Posted by HD-DED View Post
Some have called it greed, but that's just a crap statement.
I come to HDD for news and information on the high def formats. One of the more annoying things of going to any High Def format forum is the level partisanship / fanboism on both sides. I have occasionally posted in the Smackdown Forum, generally in reaction to what I consider misleading or inaccurate statements or claims. But, is it really appropriate for a Moderator to "lead the charge" and display clear bias toward one format over the other?

Originally Posted by HD-DED View Post
You know, it's really disappointing how much rumor mongering goes on by X360 and HD DVD fanbois.
Originally Posted by HD-DED View Post
No suprise, those same people will likely be the most vocal when HD DVD finally tosses in the towel and they are stuck buying a new player to get their HD movies on. Maybe the X360 Blu-ray add-on.
Who I report these posts to when they're made by a Moderator?

Perhaps most disappointing to me is that HD-DED would take a post made in the HD DVD only forum and re-post it in the Smackdown Forum to disparage Toshiba and encourage other to do the same:

Originally Posted by HD-DED View Post
Spideybat posted this in the HD DVD only forum, but I think this letter is much more open for debate than to be preserved as a 'hallmark' of HD DVD accomplishments...
So, they are psyched because they are barely ahead for stand alone player sales and stand up and say "NONE OF THE NUMBERS MATTER" - "EXCEPT THIS ONE" - Right, great spin Toshiba. It's also nice how Toshiba and most fanbois can't open their mouth without taking a snottish backhand at Blu-ray.
The actively partisan pro Blu-ray participation of a Moderator does not annoy me as an HD DVD supporter. As my most recent post made yesterday in the High-Def Disc General Disccussion - Both Formats indicates, I am considering going dual format:

Originally Posted by CochiseGuy View Post
Yep, I think Netflix is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

And, if I can snag a PS3 or Samsung BD player on eBay for under $400, I may go format neutral.
So, I enabled my Netflix for Blu-ray as well as HD DVD and it was really slick.
No, The actively partisan pro Blu-ray participation of HD-DED as a Moderator annoys me because I think it lowers the professionalism of an outstanding forum for news and information on the high def formats.

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I am closing this thread... reason:
Originally Posted by Site Rules
(23) You must respect forum MODERATORS and ADMINISTRATORS and are bound to follow their directions and instructions. Our crew of moderators is a mix of format-supporters from both sides, as well as some dual format supporters. While some of our mods are outspoken about their individual format support on the open boards, each has pledged to set aside any personal biases when it comes to serving their roles as mods, and having members from all sides helps provide us with a system of checks and balances behind the scenes. If you ever suspect a moderator of been biased in their mod duties, please report them (provide examples) and we will investigate. DO NOT under any circumstances personally attack a mod or challenge their moderation decisions on the open boards.
CochiseGuy... expect a PM from me!
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