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Wow.. sometimes I seriously wonder if they even watch the extras.

The Invisible Blu Ray Review.

Next up are two music videos: a live version of "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars and "Taking Back Control" by Sparta. The first clip will be of particular interest to horror fans, as it is a homage to Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining,' and is actually a pretty good tune.
Its a LIVE VERSION of the song. The ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEO pays homage to THE SHINING. The live version is just them singing the song..

There is no music video for THE KILL on this dvd.. the only music video is for Sparta's taking back control..

It might also be wise to note.. and Im sure had he watched them, to say that both the live version of THE KILL and Taking back control are in 480p ONLY. They aren't 1080p like the rest of the tracks.

Then again to know this, hed have to had watched them..

I know youre gonna see me as coming off as an asshole for the way Ive worded it. But think about it.. if you were the company who distributed and made the movie.. how pissed off would you be a reviewer didn't watch the extras but commented falsely on them?

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Heya --

Sorry for any confusion on the clip. It does state in the review it is the live version. I'm actually a fan of the band, and saw Mr. Leto on a talk show, where he discussed the song being inspired by 'The Shining.' Also, I know it's the live version, but that still makes it a music video, right? I assume it was used as promotion for the movie, so no, it's not as cool as the de facto clip, but labels have released more than one video for a song in the past.

As for the encoding, my PS3 shows a 1080 output. The quality isn't so great on the clip, so I'm guessing it is a pretty poor upconvert. I will be adding a note to the review...

Thanks much for the feedback...

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