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Old 05-13-2014, 04:13 PM
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Default (and .uk and others) Referal Links

I think High-Def Digest should really offer .ca and the like links on their site.

I'm sure it can be arranged with .ca and other amazon sites for referral bonuses because as it stands, there are a lot of people I'm sure who, like myself, might read a review here and go and grab it from their own regional amazon.

I realize that unless you're specifically reviewing the non-USA version(s) you can't guarantee that the contents will match what's in the review, but I still think it would be good. A small note at the bottom around the "Buy Now" should suffice in this regard. If there is no foreign equivalent, then there would of course be no need for the link to the non-USA sites.

I think that .ca at least, should be considered since more often than not, we get virtually identical disks, at least so far as picture quality and audio are concerned. It's possible sometimes there are feature difference, like the inclusion of a French track, or additional or missing bonus features. Cover art might be different. Again though, for the most part quality should be comparable and what the USA gets, Canada usually gets in some form.
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Old 05-13-2014, 04:23 PM
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I think that would be something minor that someone higher up could post, when I post a title link to amazon UK or DE, etc, I make sure the "panandscathed-20" is present after the / (no quotes around it.)
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Old 05-14-2014, 04:05 PM
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When reviewing import discs, it certainly makes sense to include a referral to the appropriate regional Amazon. When reviewing domestic discs, however, including referrals to Amazons around the world is difficult. As noted, we cannot always be sure that the disc sold in a foreign territory will actually match the domestic copy being reviewed. If we refer someone to buy a disc at, and it turns out that the movie has a different distributor in Canada which has issued it in a crummier edition, that makes us look like we're providing bad information.

Also, it would be contingent on every reviewer to manually scour every Amazon to find the right listings for each disc reviewed. We just don't have time for that, especially when many movies get released at different dates in different countries.

Although our site definitely has some international readers, the majority of our pageviews come from within the United States. Perhaps if we had a consistently higher percentage of international traffic, the higher-ups at corporate might push us in this direction. Until that time, it would be a whole lot of extra work for negligible benefit to the site.

Whenever I have call to link to a foreign Amazon, I always use the same "panandscathed-20" referral code that works for domestic Amazon. The links work this way, however I'm not sure that the site actually gets any money from the foreign Amazon branches for doing it.
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