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Old 04-24-2014, 03:45 AM
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Default Amazon Sales Take a Hit in States With Online Tax

For several years, I have been purchasing most of my Blu-ray discs from 3 different websites: Amazon, DVD Planet, and DVD Empire.

Sometimes DVD Planet and/or DVD Empire have cheaper prices on Blu-ray discs when compared to Amazon. Amazon has been building more warehouses around the United States, and in May of 2014 Amazon customers will start to see even more warehouses come online. This means that most of the time in 21 states Amazon will have a higher price on Blu-ray discs when compared to some other online dealers. Amazon will now have a higher price since they will be charging as much as 7% or more in sales tax in some states. DVD Planet and DVD Empire for most United States customers will be tax free purchases. Some people in some states will start buying their Blu-ray discs and electronics from other online merchants besides Amazon. Also Amazon raised their free shipping price for each order from $25 to $35. DVD Empire still offers free shipping on orders starting at $25.

Perhaps this website might want to consider offering Blu-ray disc links to DVD Planet and DVD Empire since some customers are now going to purchase less items from Amazon because of the increased amount of states that Amazon is charging sales tax in.

The following are select word for word quotes from the article Inc. (AMZN) is taking a hit in states that are collecting an online sales tax.”

For online purchases of more than $300, sales fell by 24 percent, according to the report titled “The Amazon Tax.”

“Amazon collects sales tax in 20 states, according to its website. More are set to follow as the company has become a popular target to help state governments generate more revenue to cover budget shortfalls; Florida is set to begin charging a tax on May 1.”

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By law you're supposed to pay sales taxes anyway. When I do my annual income taxes, I click "yes" in my tax program for a "use tax" and typically it costs about $20. My conscience is quieted by this action and should any legal action ever come my way, I've done the right thing.

Perhaps the powers that be though have considered it in the past of setting up affiliation with other sites. Maybe they're in the works for it ??

Amazon is still king, but my alternative is usually as they have a lower free shipping threshold and they also have lower prices than Amazon quite regularly on new releases. Deepdiscount also does not penalize people that order 6 months in advance by making you wait a week or so past street date to ship your item just because you opted not to pay for shipping (be it Standard or Prime.) I personally think this delay is intentional and blatant.

I have used dvdempire in the past so yes, an affiliation would be a plus for HDD.
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Maybe I'm just lucky, but every pre-order I've had with Amazon has arrived on or before the release date.
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