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Default refugee. Past experience.

My Blu-ray (dot) com forum experience:

I was a member of Blu-ray (dot) com and its a really awesome site. You can build a virtual library mirroring your own. You can see every edition of every blu-ray released. Wonderful reviews. Pretty much everything you want to know.

Their forums are informative, filled with people willing to talk about the important issues UNTIL the retarded administrators come in and bully you (giving Biff Tannen a run for his job). They are fu king horrible. I was banned pretty fast. I don't post bad things or spam.

My first offense was talking in a thread about the Game Of Thrones reissue and the reason being the use of Bush head. I went off on Bush and studios that censor while apologizing for something they shouldn't. They told me to not talk politics; I said I'll respectfully decline but that I thought the talk was appropriate considering its an important issue on censorship and its affecting the art we watch. I said that Bush was the head of that problem. It was a pun. Admin doesn't have humor or intelligence, so I got suspended for a week immediately for that one comment.

I think I reported the admin himself to the admin, himself to complain that he's a bully. A week goes by, suspension lifted and I get to talk again. Everything's going fine until I was talking about Best Buy's Upgrade and Save deal and how they had Inception put under two different barcodes to where there was some confusion. I found one copy with the cool slipcover and it turned out to cost more than the others because it had an older barcode. So I innocently asked in a moment of wonder: "Wait, can't I just put the slipcover over one of the newer editions?"

I was immediately suspended. Out of frustration of being censored, I made another account to ask who is the a$$hat that keeps censoring me and suspending me for silly reasons. I was immediately banned. "Ban lifted: NEVER".

So I kept making more accounts and played it cool, but anytime the admin would look closer at the account (IP address) I would be immediately banned again.

It got to the point where I was under a new account and talking in Upgrade and Save thread about saving money on these awesome Best Buy sales. I innocently made an on topic joke about helping a fellow member by marking in a 9 over a 7 on the price tag to make the price higher to use the $5 coupon. I was banned immediately. I made one final new account and just went off on these invisible bullies that never show themselves and go ban crazy for ridiculous reasons. I just repeatedly asked why they are humorless and have nothing better to do. I asked the fellow members if they felt the same and said that they couldn't say anything if they did because they would be silenced in this communist forum. The only ones that did talk just did that 'holier than thou' attitude where they would say, "You obviously got banned for a good reason and you are a bad person that did bad things and your IP address should be banned." My jaw dropped. Then my IP was banned.

Just wanted to share my experience and I'm hoping this forum is nothing like this. I had googled around to see what other people said about Blu-ray dot com forums and there were similar feelings and experiences.

I'm pissed because it really is a cool site in spite of the horrible admins. I had a nice library going cause I just started buying Blu-rays. I even tried contacting the admins to just talk and they don't respond ever. I've never gotten any word from them ever except for that very first time when they said to not talk politics, to which I respectfully replied, "I'll refrain, but I feel what we were talking about was important to the issue at hand."

Is this site anything like that? Can you build a virtual library. Are the admins complete di ks? What are the cool things I can do here? I'd like to know in advance so I don't waste any of our time.

If you read all of this, thanks.
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