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Old 04-07-2010, 07:04 PM
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Default Mfg. Representative Input?

I wonder how difficult it would be for you (Hi-Def Digest) to round-up a small group of well thought of Industry Executives or lead Engineers to offer technology insight on their own "MFG Thread Portal" and possibly even interface with members on a monthly or weekly basis.

I worked in the Manufacturing side of the business in the '90s and can think of a few CE moguls that would think this to be a great thing. A conduit to their buying public. Not to mention all the FREE advertising.

I think there would be plenty of interest on the members end, with the changes in BluRay technology (3D), cables, on-board video processing etc.

There is really so very much to properly matching system components these days, that our friends at the Big Box stores can hardly keep up. And with the Boutique type shops dwindling in numbers, you really are very lucky if you've thought of everything while poking 'round the World Wide Web for technology tit bits.

If anyone has any ideas that might kick this thing off . . . Post-up!
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Old 04-11-2010, 08:08 PM
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Mfg. Representative Input? Sorry, but very bad idea. This site does not need a bunch of reps "pushing" their products here.
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Old 04-20-2010, 01:39 PM
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Default Product Pushers

Originally Posted by Project-BluDotCom View Post
Mfg. Representative Input? Sorry, but very bad idea. This site does not need a bunch of reps "pushing" their products here.


I couldn't agree more about maintaining this as an information based forum and keeping the sales banter to an absolute minimum. But you may have missed the intent and potential gain that this concept COULD offer.

Obviously someone would need to monitor these Manufacturers posts as they do with any writings that you and I submit, but I think you'd agree that there are forums all over the www that offer little more than one man's (or woman's) lay opinion on their many times, limited experience with a product, brand or category of equipment.

Although these forums offer a great substitute for social networking with many of it's readers, they (the forums) shouldn't be confused with GOSPEL or FACT. In fact, many times, because of the pride and excitement of the owner of a new piece of equipment, their perception of it's quality or value may be a bit skewed. I can't imagine many hobbyists or audio(video)-philes purchasing a new toy and then panning it in a review, showing their apparent ignorance in obtaining the mediocre product.

At very least, it could be helpful to better understand the Manufacturers original creative intent or the concept, research and design that went into the multi-million dollar offering that THEY created and that WE only consume. How is amplifier "X's" technology different than amplifier "Y" or "Z"? Or for the vast differences in speakers, connecting cables or TV formats for that matter?

If someone were to write, asking YOU the technical differences between Class A amplification vs. Class A/B, could you break it down for them and help them understand? Tubes vs. Solid State? One AV Receivers digital video processor vs. another? Do you care?

How about time alignment in a speaker? Is it important or are there other ways to approach these issues in a speakers design? Is it just smoke and mirrors?

How about cables? I know there are loads of opinions on this topic! Who's right. Would it be worthwhile listening (or viewing) a sampling of products before offering a blanket statement that all cables sound the same?

Maybe they do but do you think that ANY of these readers have actually taken the time to perform empirical listening tests on a variety of brands and types or have they just taken up their opinion due to lack of interest? Lack of time? Energy? Maybe they don't want to try to hear differences in these products because they're afraid that they WOULDN'T be able to detect any differences. And what would that say about them? That they are a failure? NO . . . just under informed. Let's help them to be better informed.

I think High Def Digest could be a great place to start something NEW. With all the possible INFO related sites out there, not one of them has taken the lead with a program like this. I really am surprised! What a great opportunity to step up and compete with the likes of "", "", "", "What", " and the list goes on.

It is a precious issue (of the above listed mags) that you actually get to read the words of an actual product designer being interviewed! And if HDD could pull it off, they would actually have a serious leg up! An interactive dialog with US and THEM.

Food for thought . . .
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