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Old 02-19-2008, 12:38 AM
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Default Lockdown!!!!

These forums are on LOCKDOWN!!!

It appears that with the recent news, we are getting A LOT of rule violations, so here is how it's going to be:

Effective at ~8:15pm PST

Any rule violation NO MATTER HOW SMALL will result in a 1 week - 1 month ban from this site. That means ANYTHING. Call someone a sissy, and take a week off. If you are able to post multiple offenses before we catch up to you, you will be permanently banned, no questions asked... now warnings!!! If you think I'm joking... push me.

People who have been around these forums know that I don't make 'idle threats'. I will permanently ban you, and sleep like a baby! There are rules for a REASON. If you follow them, you have nothing to worry about... break them, and pay the price!!!

Any and all sock-puppet accounts will have both accounts permanently banned (the puppet, and the puppeteer) , and we will block your IP from accessing High Def Digest. For those who don't know what a 'sock-puppet' is, it's an account created with the sole purpose of breaking the rules.

We as moderators can see A LOT of things that normal members can't (like your IP address), and we will be removing people who are breaking the rules on purpose.

You have been warned!
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