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Old 01-09-2008, 08:55 PM
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Default Denon shows off "super-separates" with dedicated Blu-ray transport

This definitely for the uber-enthusiasts with the room(s) built from the ground up to only ever be home theaters. From Engadget:
If the idea of a receiver is just too lowbrow for you, check out Denon's processor/amplifier separates, the AVP/POA-A1HDCI ('AVP' for the processor, 'POA' for the amp). Six HDMI 1.3 inputs, two parallel HDMI outputs and Silicon Optix Realta video processing are some processor highlights; the amp packs in 10 channels at 150-watts. While you're at it, why settle for a Blu-ray player when you can get a dedicated transport? That back panel picture of the DVD-2500BTCI is no prototype unit -- all you get is a power cord, HDMI output, and RS-232. Spin those bits off the Blu-ray disc and send them on to the AVP-A1HDCI for decoding. Pricing is securely in the "if you have to ask..." category: $7k for the AVP-A1HDCI, $7k for the POA-A1HDCI and $1200 for the DVD-2500BTCI.
Old 01-09-2008, 11:39 PM
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Mouth is watering...must hold back.....from impending explosion.
Old 01-10-2008, 10:50 AM
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I figured with HDMI 1.3 that dedicated transports were on their way, cool.
Old 01-11-2008, 01:39 PM
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It's a showpiece for ultimate built-ins, but are they worth it unless you really have unlimited HT budget? I guess over the years the insanely priced "WTF" equipment has begun to annoy me. So while this isn't a rant, it is a challenge to say "who cares?"

First, I think it's funny that anyone would pay more for a "transport" than a player with decoders. $1200 for a spindle and a HDMI interface? How will transports handle PIP and other features that require mixing in the device? Just ignore it? I can't this as a good concept, frankly, unless it does have internal decoding (I could find no details about this, maybe I'm off base and it can output LPCM not just a bitstream, which "transport" implies).

Second, for the processor, other than the Realta and having two extra inputs to play with, it's hard to see this offering enough practical value to cost almost 5x an Integra 9.8. They both offer Audyssey (it's beyond amazing, really), 24/192 Burr Brown DACs, and support every codec known to man and have balanced outputs (not sure why I need 10 instead of 7. I guess someone wants this). Both support XM, Sirius and HD radio.

I will say Denon has more inputs than God. But I suspect most high end HT users will have all digital inputs and pretty simple cabling these days, unless someone has a VCR or laserdisc or a legacy cable box kicking around. I have three HDMI, ethernet and a TOSLINK in, and outputs to the amp. That's it.
An extra zone? I only use one. Maybe two some day. Probably like most users. Four?

Realta? Not worth it (to me) to get better than Reon; I could upgrade my SD library 5x over for the cost delta as there is only so much to be extrapolated from SD. Support for WMA wireless streaming? Big don't care; I use Apple Lossless over Airport Express. Unless your only networked device is the Denon, you'll probably want a router/switch/wifi for the other devices.

To me this product is over priced and over featured, offering incremental value of dubious merit even to most high-end users. The Integra 9.8 totally skews the price performance curve on separates, sounding better than *anything* I've heard before (including my high end tube gear). Maybe the Denon processor has better analog stages, but unless they redefine the state of the art it won't be night and day better. I'm sure for someone who *really* wants four zones and 10 channels or where cost/value is not a consideration, this is the cat's meow.

Maybe I should just get over it. ;-) "Let it go, Indiana...."
Old 01-21-2008, 06:57 PM
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Wow 6 HDMI tats more the my halcro... MMM but its still a denon LOL

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