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Old 01-08-2008, 08:59 AM
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Interesting video coverage by Computerworld:

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Originally Posted by coreman2200 View Post
I know may sound a bit ignorant but do you guys light up fireworks on Halloween?? We should adopt that over here - sounds like the best idea ever lol.
Sort of, they are illegal in Ireland, but a lot of people bring them down from up north.
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Default The Dreamcast died when the PS2 killed them, same issue here!

After reading all of these posts it reminded me of something similar that happened back a few years ago with the video game community. Well you guys remember when the Sega Dreamcast was out, whether you liked the system or not it was a quality system that brought home some awesome graphics and games straight from the arcade (remember playing Crazy Taxi for 4 hours straight?). When the PS2 was released it was a hit, and not because it was a better system than the Dreamcast but because it could play DVD movies in addition to video games. At the time the PS2 was released in Japan that was the cheapest DVD player to date and droves of Japanese embraced the PS2 because it played games and DVD's for slightly more than a standard DVD player. The Dreamcast's sales were slashed when the DVD based PS2 was released, a year later so many people all over the world bought a PS2 the Dreamcast had no where to go but down and it did. Sony had a great idea and it worked, and now they are in the same boat with their Blu-ray based PS3's. Sell a video game system that supports HD movie playback and "they will come". That's why Sony has sold almost 47 million PS2's to date and with this trend I see them selling more PS3's in the future because it's a system that does multiple things at a bargain basement price ($299 for an entry BD player or $399 for a player and video game system?). At this point there are almost 9 million PS3's and stand-alone Blu-ray players and with that momentum as well as a huge chunk of Hollywood behind them I see HD-DVD going down. I lean more toward red (I own both red and blue because I love movies) but with these things against them I highly doubt they will be around 6 months from now. If Toshiba was smart and Bill Gates was so gung ho about HD-DVD in the first place they should have implemented HD-DVD playback in their XBOX 360's. Look at the sales of the 360 (16.22 million thus far), if you coupled that with the sales of the standalone HD-DVD players (putting into factor that the 360 would have been more money than what they originally cost because they supported HD playback) there could have been a potential of have a total of 17.22 million HD-DVD enabled players on the market. Blu-ray would have died before it even got its head out of the water! The potential was there and Sony seized the opportunity, Blu-ray won not because the format was better but because their business ethics looked at how to maximize Blu-ray enabled players by coupling their PS3's with it, just like they did the PS2's with DVD playback. Consumers aren't stupid either, most people bought a PS3 because they wanted a video game system or a Blu-ray player (or both) and if people bought it solely for a Blu-ray player and it failed then at least they have a cutting edge video game system. HD-DVD on the other hand was up the creek without a paddle, if their format were to fail then people may be stuck with useless players and their investment couldn't be recouped because these mostly stand alone players did only one thing, play HD-DVD's. People are weary to jump on a niche band wagon such as this, they rather not play ball or play with who ever has better odds and that in this case it's Sony. Sony is one smart mother, and I do give them props! Now that Warner will be getting out of the HD-DVD business in less than 6 months I honestly see that Paramount will eventually side with blue and then itís all over. Universal is not that much of a power house to keep a format alive and the potential revenue that Universal will give up at that point will be astronomical if they choose not to side with blue.

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What is this "HD-DVD" you speak of? Some new technology?
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Personally I do believe HD DVD was gathering momentum, was it a litlle too late? perhaps.

The Warner deal does not mean HD DVD is dead it just ensures it will never win the format war. Can HD DVD continue to exist for some time? Sure. VHS stayed around for years after SD came around.

I am also looking forward to an actual response to the Warner deal over the next few weeks. In the mean time its business as usual for me.
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Default Think before you speak (or write in this case)

Originally Posted by HDDVD DEFENDER View Post
who are you kidding, makeing a new screenname on here trying to act like you were a hddvd supporter who has now seen the light.
grow up
grow up

Perhaps this will ease your doubts...
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