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Old 11-09-2014, 12:32 PM
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Default House (1986) and House 2, 80s comedy horrors

I remember seeing both of these films at the drive-in theater and likely had one, if not both, on VHS, at one time. I've been tempted to get the DVDs or laserdisc but keep holding off, hoping that it'll come out on blu-ray. There was a third film that I hadn't seen, but from the trailers, it seems to have strayed too far away from the first two stories. There was also a 4th film that I haven't seen and don't really know anything about.

Anyone else wondering why neither of these films have been released on blu-ray?
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Old 11-18-2014, 07:39 PM
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I just watched House last month on the DVD Anchor Bay released quite a few years back. Looked REALLY good, even by today's standards.

I'm pretty sure Image Entertainment holds the distribution rights to 1 and 2 here in North America. They released both on a double feature DVD a little while ago and as far as I can tell they're both 1.33:1 full screen and contain NO special features (unlike the Anchor Bay DVDs).

House 3, known as The Horror Show is now available in a blu-ray/DVD combo release from Shout!/Scream Factory. It pretty much has nothing to do with the first 2 films. It's kind of like the Wes Craven film 'Shocker'. This release contains an audio commentary with Sean S. Cunningham and has a couple cast interviews as well.

House 4 is more of a sequel to the first film. William Katt returns to his original role (but he's not in the film much). I have this one on VHS. As far as I can tell it's never been released on DVD. The VHS I have was distributed by New Line Cinema, so they may (or may not) still have distribution rights to it. I'd say it's pretty unlikely that this one ever gets a blu-ray (or DVD) release, unless Shout!/Scream Factory puts it out.
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