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Hi -- love the reviews on the main site. Not that anyone asked, but here are the Blu-Rays that would make gasp out out with glee:

DARLING LILI- there's a whole new critical take on this film since its first releasel. If this film looks as good as it does taping it off of Showtime, I can only imaginate in Blu-Rays. Edwards's most visually beautiful film.

STAR! - okay, it's a slog between musical numbers, but what musical numbers they are!

THE INNOCENTS - Deborah Kerr. Freddie Francis'[ Cineematography. Astonishing. It took Fox long enough to just get this on DVD, so we'll see. . .

JULIE ANDREWS melange - The best piece of work Andrwes has done is DUET FOR ONE, which about twelve people saw. It's not even out on DVD, and given that Cannon went bellyup, it's unlikely. But seek it out, Andrews should have woin the Oscare. Likewise. [B}THAT'S LIFE![/B] - Andrews is tremendous (just to get it back t out on DVD would be good, but it's Julie's show all the way). I'm sure that EMILY, MP, TMMillie, HAWAII, T;Curtain, the film V/Victoria will all make their way.

FOSSE - Cabaret and All That Jazz, in particular. Seeing that Cabaret has been announced as the centerpiece for the 2012 TCM festival, perhaps a DVD can't be too far behind.

KEN RUSSELL - Even if it's bad, Russell is interesting. THE DEVILS, of course (what is the holdup there). CRIMES OF PASSION etc.

HITCHCOCK - Obviously, we're all waiting for VERTIGO, REAR WINDOW, in particular.

ROBERT ALTMAN - Nashville!
DAVID LEAN - Lawrence of Arabia and Summertime

HAMMER/AFI -like films. Black Sunday (Bava). Scream of Fear (photog is by Douglas Slocombe btw on that one. The Conqueror Worm (zone 1), with some extras. Burn Witch Burn (aka Night of the Eagle). The Masque of the Red Deathl The Anniversary (just watched this and it is a LOL howl). Who Killed Teddy Bear.

Other films I love -
Some obvious - The Band Wagon (asctually, everything Minnelli, even the back stuff, even The Cobweb which is an entire movie about drapieries), Singin' in the Rain, Funny Girl (for BS at least), Funny Face (can't wait to watch Kaye toss that roll of pink and the camera) Don't Look Now (hopefully not too grainy), Day For Night. Who's Afraid of VW? The Day/Hudson trio, plus The Thrill of It All which really tops them all. Rosemary's Baby. The Last Picture Show (out of the expensive Criterion box). Max Ophuls (see criterion plus others)./Anything Fincher that's not yet out. Sunset Blvd. Valley of the Dolls (GPleasure). Johnny Guitar (classi Thec/cult/GP). Baby Jane (ditto). Far From Heaven (kudios to Ed Lachman). King and I (those Sharaff costumes). Anything shot (focusing in parituclar on camerawork, because that's what's great about Blu-Ray) by Freddie Francis, Geoffrey Unsworth, Freddie Young, Gregg Roland, James Wong Howe, Jack Cardiff, Vittoria Storaro, Haskell Wexler, Roger Deakins, Vilmos Zsigmond, Michael Ballhaus, Gordon Willis, Stanley Cortez, Sven Nyquist, Nestor Aledendros (sorry, Harry Stradling - I can't believe he won the oscar from e.g., My Fair Lady where the whole thing sits like a moldering log). OH, and god's sake, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover -- what a film for blu-ray. The mini-series Pennies from Heaven, if it could look better than it has in the past. Kim Stanley on tv (so we can see why she's considered great, rather than imaginining).

From the Criterion Vaults: It's a great loss not to have the wonderful Ronald Haver Commentaries which he did on laserdisc - really criminal. That Ephemeral Film series. Cries and Whispers. Summertime. All of the Sirk (preferably with some commentary). Children of Paradise. Earrings of Mme de. Grand Illiusion. Julet of the Spiritis. Royal Tennenbaums. Overall I wish Criterion would choose something surprirsing - like a Darling Lili, or The Innocents, or Inside Daisy Clover, or films which the directors disowned after the studio hacked at it (esp the Minnelli films). Or do something that's gay -- when you look at the catalog, we gays are rather underrepresented (or even a compiilation thing - like James Bidgood's works. Jack Smith. Warhol. Araki, Haynes shorts (though we'll never see[B]SUPERSTAR other than bootleg). Death in Venice. Crazy stuff like I Daily Clover, or The Legend of Lylah Claire, pretty much anthing Robert Aldrich, Ken Russell, just something intesresting, propaganda shorts "Boys Beware" is a favorite. Walt DIsney's The Story of Menstruatoin. Just weird, interesting things. Among all that i've cited, I think Darling Lili, The Innocents wo uld the finest choices for a Criterion re-do. Though I'm thrilled about Anatony of A Murder. Or get the rights from Kino for the whole American Film Theatre series.

Can't wait for Dangerous Liaisons, Chinatown (with Fincher commentary!), Streetcar ND

Thanks for listening to my blithering. Question for esotericos: why are the films of the 70s so grainy? And I remember that grain from seeing the original releases. Was it a fad of the times?
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Thanks for joining us here. Glad that you find the reviews to your liking and that they're helpful. Hope to see you around here more.
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Seeing as how this is basically a wish list of Blu-ray titles, thread is moved to the appropriate forum. And to echo Aaron, thank you greg for joining and visiting the site.
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