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Default Pink Floyd The Completd Wall Box Set

Does anyone else feel this way???

This is my ALL TIME number one wish to be released on Blu-Ray...

A box set consisting of everything "The Wall"

my dream set would HAVE to have the following:

The Original 1982 Movie
The 1980 Tour Show (Any one)
The 1991 Berlin Show
The 2010 Roger Waters Tour
Bonus disc of various performances thruout the days of Wall songs(i.e. Comfortably Numb performed at Live 8, Roger Waters performing In The Flesh in 1990 at The Guitar Festival in Rio, etc.) also commercials and ads and trailers, etc...
A 7.1 DVD-Audio additional film soundtrack cd (never released)
A 7.1 DVD-Audio of The Wall Album
plus regular cd's of both
A documentary DVD of it's evolution with interviews from everybody involved

Now is that too much to ask???.... I know I'm dreaming but... c'mon already... enough is ENOUGH... were talking about stuff that is just SITTING in the bloody dusty vaults... FOR YEARS AND YEARS... To think that people actually DIE waiting for things to come out and to NEVER get to see it is just ridiculous... and it is certainly NOT FAIR!!!! I am POSITIVE that there are PLENTY of people out there who would just LOVE to be asked to work on a projects like these... who would also be qualified enough to be able to work on a project like this and it would not only create a job for someone but it would also give the fans something to enjoy. Not that it really MATTERS anymore what we the consumer ever thinks. That's why I never understood the holding back thinking methods... Sheesh... 40 years for Let It Be to be released... shame on you... just let it go already... But something tells me that my dream box set of the wall can only be made if someone ever really truly cared anymore.... Are you listening Roger???
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