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Old 11-17-2008, 02:31 PM
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Default Playstation BD playback issues... please help!

Last Thursday night my fiancť and I were watching a particularly bad movie, Indy 4, which we rented through Netflix. About an hour into the movie, the video started skipping into the future about 15 seconds at a time. Naturally, being annoyed with this, I ejected the blu-ray from the PS3 (original 60 GB unit) and examined the disk. There were some finger prints on the read surface so I cleaned the disk off and placed it back into the system. Thanks to the Playstationís features, the movie picked up right where it was when I ejected the disk. The movie played again for about 20 minutes and started skipping again until it eventually froze up. After it froze, none of the PS3ís functions would work. It would not power down, eject the disc or anything. The lights would only flash at me repeatedly and the console would beep along with the flashes. I flipped the switch in the back to off and then turned it back on. I popped the disk out, and then slid it back in to play. This time, the disc started playing fine and it continued to do so until the movie was finally (thankfully) over. I assumed it was a bad disc and nothing more since Iíve gotten a few crappy discs from Netflix in the past.

The next night, Friday, I decided I wanted a refresher in James Bond, so I popped in Casino Royale and everything was going awesome until it started acting up again about an hour or more into the movie. I thought it could have been the disc again, since it was an older title, so I again started the disc in disc out procedure until the PS3 locked up again. I disabled the Ethernet connection thinking it could be locking up because it was trying to access the internet for whatever reason, but this was to no avail. I made sure I had the latest firmware, which I do. This is when my weekend turned into an obsession. I thought I was going crazy so I took Casino Royale into the bedroom and fired up that PS3 and the disc played fine. I left the movie playing in the bedroom while I started to trouble shoot the problem in the living room. I ran a blu ray lens cleaning disc through the system and blew the vents out with compressed air, thinking that it may not be getting cooled enough or the lens had dust or debris on it somehow. After the cleaning was done, I placed a freshly unwrapped movie in the PS3 in the living room, and it froze up about 20 minutes later. The fan on that unit was blowing out warm air, as usual and the unit wasnít overly hot. Both of my PS3s are on open air racks to get the best ventilation so I knew that wasnít the problem. Finally I threw in Resistance 2 just to see if it would play a game. Oddly enough, it played the game fine and I got sidetracked playing resistance for about 2 hours (itís pretty good).

I was befuddled to say the least. Why would it play blu ray games but not blu ray movies? Unfortunately I didnít think to put a DVD in the PS3 to see if it would play that because I was too busy trying to figure out my blu-ray issues. The PS3 in the bedroom played Casino Royale perfectly and it didnít lock up once. Needless to say I went to bed Friday night confused.

Saturday morning, I awoke with purpose. After breakfast and going to the gym I started working on the malfunctioning PS3. I even recorded college football because I was so intent on figuring this problem out. Well after running several different titles through it, it seems to be a heating issue with regards to time. The initial shut down happens at 1 hour and 20 minutes (I did this 3 times after allowing the PS3 to shut down and cool off for 15 minutes). If I keep reloading the disc without allowing it to cool down, it will play error free for about 20 minutes before doing the skip-fest. I took my hypothesis to the net and couldnít find a case where anyone else was having similar issues. I found a few but none that were the exact mirror of mine. I called Sonyís technical support and told them what was happening and what Iíve tried and they were unsure of the cause too. They wanted me to send it in for repairs. I remembered that I bought the protection plan from Best Buy when I purchased it in January 2007, so I made plans to do that. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so because I ended up ordering the UFC fight Saturday night and me and some friends got stupid drunk and consequently I was severely hung over all day yesterday. In my hung over state, I managed to transplant hard drives from one to another, but as I found out yesterday, each time you change drives from one unit to another it must be formatted. So after backing up all my saved data on a portable hard drive, I took my 250gb PS3 drive that was in my old 60gb unit and placed it in my MGS 80gb unit. For the final test, I played the first disk or band of brothers through the reformatted former 80 GB version and it played fine, then I tried to play the same disk through the freshly reformatted 60 GB version and it locked up within the 1 hour and 20 minutes that it was before.

I am upset slightly because the 60 GB version I bought has full PS2 backwards compatibility and the newer 80 GB one only have software emulation. I play my PS2 games fewer and fewer but it was nice when I had the option to play them without worry that they were going to be supported. Now I have the task of going through each of them to see if they are going to boot up and play. I suppose I could just send the 60gb unit back to Sony to see if they can repair it, but even if they do, itís a 2 year old console and it could break down even more and cost me even more money out of pocket. I think my best bet is to take it back to Best Buy and swap it out with the newest 80 GB unit and hope that this one lasts.

So my questions are as follows: has anyone else had this issue or a similar one? Are there any solutions other than the ones Iíve tried? Should I sent it in for repair or just lose the compatibility and get a new one from Best Buy? Help me High-Def Digest Forums, youíre my only hope!
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Old 11-22-2008, 03:45 AM
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interesting. i'm sorry it's giving you such a hard time. i have a hard time comprehending that excessive heat only affects BD playback and not game playing since both use the same drive. i would think game playing would produce more heat. i'm sorry i don't have a solution to offer.

on another note, my friends ps3 BD drive went out when he was watching indy 4. coincidence?

my advice: use that BB service plan! isn't that why you paid the extra $? otherwise it's a waste of $ if you don't ever use it. your 60gb ps3 will probably go belly up anyway and with your luck it will happen just after the service plan expires. i know you want full BC but you'd probably be happier going without BC than having a ps3 that's completely useless when the service plan is done.

regardless what you do, i wish you good luck!
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Old 11-22-2008, 09:04 PM
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The PS3 with 60GB hard drives put out more heat than the newer 40 and 80GB models. I know from personal experience.

By the way...I work at Best Buy. You may have a problem exchanging it for a different model even with the extended service plan...especially if they find out you have removed the hard drive....since removing/replacing the hard drive voids the warranty, as far as I am aware. But it's still worth a try.

You could always sell it used "as is" on Ebay or something, if that fails.
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Old 11-22-2008, 11:51 PM
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Wrong. In case of the PS3 it's absolutely viable to exchange your hard-drive. Sony already stated it at least 10 times and I think even the manual lists it as that.

So there shouldn't be any warranty problems besides the retailer bitching around.
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Old 11-23-2008, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by that1guypictures View Post
...I work at Best Buy...removing/replacing the hard drive voids the warranty, as far as I am aware.
DUDE...c'mon! It does not void the warranty. The PS3 came out 2 years ago and you still don't know this?!
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