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Old 10-30-2007, 03:11 PM
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Default Anyone going to get Stranglehold SE?

Anyone getting the Stranglehold Special Edition with the High Def copy of Hard Boiled?

I've been waiting since late August for this. I reserved it at gamestop. Since then there's been 2 delays, and a good friend of mine got it for Xbox 360. I already have an elite and am now debating on canceling my reservation in order to put the money toward a different game.

I suppose I could just barrow his copy when he beats it, (its only 6-8 hrs long). But having the high def copy of Hard Boiled would be awesome! But I heard its only a file encoded on the same disc as the game. So it makes me wonder if it is even 1080P. I've heard NOTHING bout the specs though.

Any advice? Thoughts?
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Old 10-30-2007, 04:53 PM
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Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 10-30-2007, 09:10 PM
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so how is the pq on "Hard Boiled"? That's pretty much my "make or break" selling point on this game
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Originally Posted by smockaveli View Post
so how is the pq on "Hard Boiled"? That's pretty much my "make or break" selling point on this game
I only skipped around the disc for a minute or two, but I'm not thrilled with it so far.

First off, even though the game and the movie are on the same disc, you cannot launch the film from the movie bar in the XMB, you MUST boot up the game to access it.

Second, as far as I can tell, you CANNOT REWIND OR FAST FORWARD the movie. You can only do chapter skips, and pause/unpause it.

Third, while the movie doesn't look too bad (all things considered, when you look at the state of most HK films in the 80s and early 90s), it looks somewhat heavily compressed. I'm hoping someone with half-decent equipment can show some side-by-side shots of the DVDs with this BD version to point them out. The movie does look fairly sharp overall (relatively speaking), but the compression was killing some of the details.

Fourth, the subtitles are extremely small. I don't know how they'd look if you played the movie in SD resolutions, but on my 1080i TV, they were very hard to see. If it wasn't for the fact that my couch is somewhat close to my TV, I'd probably be squinting the whole movie just to see them. I'm not being picky here, they are really small.
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