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Old 09-19-2007, 04:59 PM
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Default Heavenly Sword question....

Can anyone tell me how the heck you get 3 runes on the arrow shooting scenario with the cat girl? Tried it like 10 times now...have show about 15 of the guys down, and still havne't got above 1 rune.
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Old 09-19-2007, 08:47 PM
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I think it has to do with shooting each one twice, not just once (even though with aftertouch once kills them, hit them again while they are reeling).
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Old 09-19-2007, 09:00 PM
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Okay, I assume you're talking about the first "Night Attack" chapter where you get to use Kai. I've managed to get 3 glyphs on all segments of all chapters, so here's how I did it.

First, keep in mind that the way the "glyph meter" works is whenever you get a kill, it'll add to your meter, BUT, your actual addition to meter grows and grows if you manage to keep your momentum going. By this, I mean that if you manage to get several kills in a row, within seconds of each other, without getting hit, and without missing, this "combo" adds onto the amount you would normally get for an individual kill. Your combo is broke by getting hit, missing a target, or going too long without nailing another kill, so it's all about keeping that momentum going.

Second, headshots are worth more than any other kill, and this will give you fairly substantial "spike" to your meter, moreso if you are doing this in the middle of a combo. The other thing you should keep in mind, as mentioned above, is that you can actually shoot goons TWICE, and it'll count as individual hits, PROVIDED that the goon hasn't fallen to the ground yet. As long as the victim is still on his feet, a fast shot, in after-touch, will get you one more "free hit" to add to your score.

Third, keep in mind that there are two red pots that you can shoot in this level. One is on the ground, near the center of the screen. The other is stowed away in the upper left, in that "treehouse" like structure. Again, if you manage to shoot these two you can actually start off your "combo" that will get your kills adding somewhat more to the meter.

Lastly, keep in mind the general flow of the enemies during this section. At the beginning of the round, they will come in from the right and head to the center of the screen, usually about 3-4. When those are gone, you'll get a bunch of goons coming in from the left, accompanied by 3-4 archers, who can--and will break your combo if they manage to hit you with their own arrows. Once the attacks on the left are over, it gets a LOT hairier as you have to quickly take out a mob that is coming in from the far right, coming around that "stone cabin" like structure, both left and right of it, well over 10 goons charging within seconds of each other.

With all this in mind, the way I managed to fill out the meter (with the general advice "try not to miss and try not to get hit") is start the combo going with the two pots. Once you've got that, go for the goons coming in from the right. Here the temptation is to "get greedy" and try and go for a head shot straight away, but they're running in from the side, and are thus slightly harder targets, so if you feel confident in your sniping skills, go for it, otherwise, try and just nail them once in the chest, and then if you're feeling good, go for the headshot now that they're standing still.

The goons and archers start coming in from the left now, but since they're running in at almost "full frontal" angle, they're slightly easier to grab with headshots on the first try. Once they're down turn your attention to the goons on the far right, and FORGET about headshots. There will be so many of them coming that it's better just hit one and move on.

On average, what you need to do to fill out the meter here is to try and hit at least 18 or more, and hopefully at least 10-12 of those will be part of a successive chain of hits, with a few headshots thrown in here and there for good measure. It ain't easy, but if you can do all of the above, that pretty much guarantees you'll fill that meter. I believe in total there's about 25 people you can kill here, but I've never managed to do better than 22.

Hope this helps.

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