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Default Running import PS2 games on a PS3?

Although I'm in the UK I imported a US PS3, 'cause I knew that I'd mostly be watching American Blu-rays. I've not had a console since the Master System II so the whole scene is new to me. All of the PS2 games I've wanted to play for all these years, I've now bought from american sellers on ebay, except having played Kingdom Hearts I'd love to get the Final Mix edition of the sequel from Japan, and certainly play the PS2 version of Chain of Memories rather than the game boy one.

I understand that this game, indeed all imports, won't play on the US PS3 as-is, even if it is one of the ones with the emotion engine chip (as I believe mine is). Is there any way around this as yet? Any loader discs that seem to have been very popular on previous consoles?
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