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Old 06-19-2007, 09:18 PM
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Default Australian Casino Royale on Blu-ray UNCUT

I have read that the USA version of Casino Royale had edits during the B&W fight scene and also in the fight scene on the stair well and that the UK version edited the torture scene so you do not see the end of the rope.

In the review of the movie on highdefdigest here the reviewer says "Fleshtones just don't look natural, and aside from extreme close-ups, I often could not detect realistic skin textures -- everyone looks painted orange." I also noticed this 'painted orange' look when I downloaded the Casino Royale trailer onto the PS3.

I live in Australia and have the Australian Blu-ray version of Casino Royale and the scenes that were said to be edited are complete on the Australian version and also the skin tones looked a lot more natural than the downloaded trailer. I was watching both of these on my PS3 and the Australian Blu-ray version of Casino Royale definitely looked far superior to the downloaded trailer.

Just wondering whether someone has seen both the USA and Australian versions of Casino Royale on Blu-ray and can comment as to whether the Australian version is superior? Are the USA and UK version cut? All the scenes I have read that were cut are on the Australian version.

The Australian version of Casino Royale can be purchased here and it is region free unlike the USA version.

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Old 06-19-2007, 11:27 PM
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if you can post some screen caps of the affected scenes, i can check tomorrow when i get out of work.

interesting, i'd never heard of this before.
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Old 06-20-2007, 03:12 AM
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I found a website that compares all the different Blu-ray versions.

Yes the Australian release contains the entire uncut 144:34 min version of the movie.

The US version is 144:12 min and the UK version is 144:20 min


* Bluray A America - (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) - Pre-cut (MPAA) "PG-13 Theatrical" release (144:12 min). Cut-list as follows (all info by Michael Mackenzie/Whiggles):
- After an overhead shot of Bond and the contact smashing down a wall, the first and last few frames of a shot of Bond elbowing the contact in the chest are removed.
- Directly after, a shot Bond smashing the door into the contact's face is completely removed.
- After Bond gets to his feet, he kicks the contact in the face. This is missing from the US version.
- Directly after, we see Bond grabbing the contact, who in turn grabs a garbage can, which he hurls at Bond. In the US version, we only get the last few frames of this.
- When Bond hauls the contact to his feet and manouevres him towards another sink, the start of a low angle shot showing the contact's face as he struggles is cut.
- The drowning of the contact is dramatically shortened. First, a close-up of the contact as he is held under is replaced with a shot of the contact's legs kicking.
- Directly after, a close-up of Bond's intense face is removed.
- Following this, we cut back to the contact as his struggles weaken. This is missing in the US version.
- The high shot showing Obanno's bodyguard hitting the ground below after being thrown over the banister is removed. This shot is placed between Bond and Obanno fighting.
- A close-up of Obanno as Bond smashes his head into a window, shattering it, is missing from US version.
- Directly after, a wider shot of Obanno recovering and attacking again is cut due to the previous trim.
- The first few frames of Obanno being thrown into a wall are missing in the US version.
- Obanno grabbing Vesper's leg as she tries to run away is completely removed.
- The following shot of Vesper falling but stopping herself in time is cut due to the previous shot's removal.
- After we see Vesper try to open the emergency exit, a wide shot of Bond shoving Obanno back is missing from the US version.
- Directly following, a wide shot of BG2 falling back is also missing.
- Afterwards, Obanno reacting as Bond kicks him is too cut.
- Obanno rams Bond against the wall, but not in the US version.
- When Bond and Obanno struggle on the floor, Bond chokes BG2. The second angle of Obanno's feet kicking is removed.
- After we see Obanno's face, we see him reaching for the gun on the ground. Missing from the US version.
- A wider shot of them struggling is cut directly after.
- The next shot, Obanno reaching for the gun again, is cut. In the US version, we only see Obanno reaching for the gun just before Vesper intervenes.
- A shot of frightened Vesper breaks a shot of Obanno's legs starting to stop kicking. In the uncut version, the legs starting to slow is in one continuous shot, followed by the frightened Vesper shot.
* Bluray ALL Germany - (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) - No cuts (144:34 min). "R-rated" version.
* Bluray ALL Russia - (Videoservice) - Yes (144:20 min) - Pre-Cut UK version
* Bluray ALL Scandinavia - (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) - No cuts (144:34 min). "R-rated" version.
* Bluray ALL Spain - (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) - TBC.
* Bluray ALL United Kingdom - (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) - Yes (144:20 min) - Pre-Cut UK version - "The BBFC advised the company that the torture scene placed too much emphasis on both the infliction of pain and the sadism of the villain for the requested '12' category. When the completed version of the film was submitted for classification, reductions to the torture sequence had been made, including the removal of lingering shots of the rope, close shots of Bond's facial reaction and the substitution of a more distant shot of the beating compared to the original version."
More info (Chris McEneany/AVplay): "The torture sequence is now shorn of Le Chiffre’s taunting line about Bond’s rock-chiselled physique. Whereas the "R-rated" versions show Mikkelsen drape the knotted rope over Bond’s shoulder and utter the words “Such a waste” after commenting on how well he has looked after himself ("You've taken good care of your body" line), the UK version omits this."

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