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I would be willing to pay an extra $5 to have a DVD included with all new Blu-ray movie releases. 10 12.82%
No, I want to pay $5 less per title and have only a 1080P BLU-RAY disc included in the package. 68 87.18%
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Old 01-20-2010, 07:46 PM
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Default Would you spend an extra $5 per Blu-ray if every studio included a DVD of the movie?

The purpose of this thread: To mention both positives and negatives of packaging both a DVD and BLU-RAY title in the same package. There are advantages and disadvantages of combo packages for both the studio and consumer.

Here are the 3 different technologies/packaging that studios are considering using or already just started doing in 2010 :

1. All new releases from Warner will include both a DVD and BLU-RAY in the same package (some titles to include a 3rd disc called digital copy).

2. Universal Studios has started releasing flipper discs with a DVD on one side and a BLU-RAY on the other. Flippers can have a dual layer 8.5GB DVD on one side and a dual layer 50GB BLU-RAY on the other side. No colorful disc titles with flipper discs.

3. Some movie studios might decide to release movies on a hybrid disc in the future. A hybrid disc would contain a BLU-RAY layer and a DVD layer on one side of the disc. It would also allow for a label side with colorful titles. The first hybrid discs might contain a 25GB layer BLU-RAY with a 8.5GB dual layer DVD on the same side of the disc. There is also a possibility of 50GB BLU-RAY hybrid discs with a 8.5GB DVD layer in the future (disc would have dual layer BD and dual layer DVD on one side). Hybrids are in some ways similar to hybrid Super Audio CD's which had a CD layer and SACD layer on the same side.

The following are my personal comments regarding placing a DVD and BLU-RAY title in the same packaging

I have been a movie collector since the late 80's. I first started collecting Laserdiscs in the late 80's since at the time Laserdiscs had a better picture and sound quality compared to both BETA and VHS. When the DVD format came out in 1997 I soon started collecting DVD's. I owned a Pioneer Elite Laserdisc/DVD player that played both DVD's and Laserdiscs. Over the years I have upgraded my Laserdisc titles to DVD titles if the DVD version was better quality (I still own many Laserdiscs that have not been released on DVD or BLU-RAY yet).

The BLU-RAY format was released in 2006 and in 2007 I started upgrading my DVD's to BLU-RAY's ( If the BLU-RAY was the better version with extended director cuts included, I upgrade my DVD's) .
For a while some family members were watching BLU-RAY's on 480i displays . Now all my family members and I have upgraded are 480i TV's to 1080P displays with BLU-RAY players. Since BLU-RAY players play BLU-RAY, DVD, and CD discs there was no reason for us to hang on to are old DVD players. I am only interested in BLU-RAY titles and have no interest in DVD or digital copies to be included in the same package.

The problem now: I have been getting rid of the old DVD's and replacing them with BLU-RAY titles. Now the studios are starting to package a DVD and BLU-RAY in the same package. So now I am forced to purchase a DVD with the same BLU-RAY title on all new releases from some studios. Some consumers I know will sometimes play the 480i version of the movie instead of the 1080P BLU-RAY version since they grab the wrong version of the movie. I plan on boycotting most new titles that contain a BLU-RAY and DVD in the same package. I can always rent BLU-RAY discs instead of purchasing them or start watching Verizon FIOS HD on demand instead.

Some Negatives of packaging a BLU-RAY with a DVD title:

1. It costs the studio's more money to include a DVD and BLU-RAY in every package. I would rather see the studios offer a BLU-RAY only versions of all titles at a $5 discount.

2. Offering a DVD and BLU-RAY disc in the same package might slow sales of BLU-RAY standalone players since some consumers might decide to only purchase one new BLU-RAY player. Why should a consumer upgrade all the DVD players in their house to BLU-RAY when all the new BLU-RAY discs from some studios will play on old DVD players (some people are happy with 480i DVD's and 1080P upconvert DVD players)? BLU-RAY only movie titles increases the demand for portable BLU-RAY players , Notebook BLU-RAY players, and standalone BLU-RAY players. Standalone BLU-RAY players can be purchased for under $100 now. Most likely around the end of 2010 BLU-RAY players for as low as $50 might be available. Packaging a BLU-RAY only titles at a $5 lower price would be better for the formats growth.

3. Some consumers will be confused by flipper discs or having a DVD and BLU-RAY in the same package. I know some people that will not understand how flipper discs work and they will by mistake play the 480i DVD side in a BLU-RAY player.

4. Consumer confusion might occur: If some studios only release a BLU-RAY version and other studios are releasing both a DVD and BLU-RAY in the same package then consumers could get confused. Some consumers will not understand why all BLU-RAY titles they purchase will not play in their DVD players while other titles play. Unless 100% of all studios release all future titles on both DVD and BLU-RAY in the same package then there will be some BLU-RAY titles that will not play in a DVD player. Some consumers will be upset that some BLU-RAY titles will not work in some DVD players.

5. Hybrid and flipper style discs were already tried with the DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD formats. Even offering discs that played in both a CD and Super Audio CD player was still not enough to grow the Super Audio CD format mainstream. These types of discs can cause consumer confusion.

6. Move collectors that only want to collect the best version of the movie will not want a 480i DVD included with every 1080P BLU-RAY they purchase. Some movie collectors like me might decide to stop purchasing BLU-RAY's and instead only rent titles that contain both a BLU-RAY and DVD in the same package.

7. Including a DVD and BLU-RAY in every package might hurt studio revenue. Consumers can get two copies of the movie in one package and turn around and sell the BLU-RAY or DVD version that they do not want. If a new release was offered on DVD for $20 and the BLU-RAY version with DVD version included was $25 then two people can get together and split the cost. One person gets the BLU-RAY and the other gets the DVD. Of course the studios advantage of hybrid and flipper discs is the BLU-RAY and DVD are on the same disc so consumers can not split them apart.

8. DVD Piracy: Including a DVD in every package could also hurt studio revenue since some consumers make perfect 480i dual layer pirated copies of DVD's for around 65 cents each with a low cost DVD burner and special software. To protect studio's revenue, studios should have a long term goal of discontinuing the DVD format and releasing movies on the secure BLU-RAY format that uses BD+ with renewable security.

Some Positives of packaging a BLU-RAY with a DVD title:

1. Perhaps one day in a few years the studios could discontinue dual packaging in the stores. Retailers would love to stock only a combo BLU-RAY and DVD title in one package instead of stocking both a DVD and BLU-RAY title. Saves retail shelf space.

2. Consumers will not need to spend the money to upgrade all the DVD players in their house to BLU-RAY players. This is a positive for some consumers that do not want spend the money to purchase new players.

3. Perhaps for the first time in history including two formats in one package could make the BLU-RAY format more popular. Only time will tell if consumers like this new packaging.

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Old 01-20-2010, 08:33 PM
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This is crazy. It might cost 10 cents for studios to include a DVD with a BD, there's no way they would reduce sales prices by $5 by choosing to not include a special value feature. Boycotting releases because they come with an extra disc is ridiculous. If DVDs are that offensive to you, take some enjoyment in snapping the ones that come free with your movies in half.

Including a DVD won't change anyone's mind about buying more standalone players, but it might change their mind about buying more BDs, and that's why studios are doing it.
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Old 01-20-2010, 09:04 PM
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The year is 2010. Fuck DVD.
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Old 01-20-2010, 09:21 PM
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Hah, hadn't put much thought into it honestly. I noticed that practice was happening with some titles. It doesn't bother me all that much, I guess. I would prefer if they dropped the DVD/Digital Copy if it cut off that $5 from the tag.
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Old 01-20-2010, 09:22 PM
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I wouldn't mind a dvd copy for some movies. That said, I won't buy a single flipper. I fucking hate those things.
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Old 01-20-2010, 09:26 PM
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I notice a lot of hate for the flippers, what's the problem with them? I never had a HD-DVD player and was never exposed to the combo packs or anything
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Old 01-20-2010, 09:28 PM
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pretty big rant there.

i want DVD's in my family features, that's it. that said, most studios putting them in are doing so at a higher MSRP, but amazon lists 'em for normal price (ie, 40 bucks for both Toy Story films, with DVD copies). i'm not paying more to get DVD copies.

in the end, i'm getting the best of both worlds. why any studio would drop pricing even further down, beyond the lows that are already happening, is beyond me. what we're seeing, RIGHT NOW, with MSRP drops across the board is gold enough. i won't complain that i'm getting more now for less than what i was paying before.

gift horse. don't look in its fucking mouth.
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Old 01-20-2010, 09:38 PM
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Including extra discs in the same package generally costs more money:

3-Disc for $28.99 ($40.99 MSRP)

2-Disc for $19.99 ($35.99 MSRP)

Perhaps the thread would have been more accurate if I would have said "Would you spend more money for a DVD copy to be included" instead of saying "pay an extra $5".

I just noticed that End of Days on BLU-RAY lists for $19.98 for the BLU-RAY only version and the BLU-RAY with DVD version lists for $22.98. So sometimes including a DVD as a extra disc will only cost $3.00.
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Old 01-20-2010, 10:05 PM
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God no!!!!!
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Old 01-20-2010, 10:09 PM
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No, I wouldn't.

The option is always nice, but my current lifestyle (no children, no suv's with monitors) does not require a dvd of anything.
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