There has been some confusion with forum members making one line posts linking to external websites without any discussion at all, or hijacking threads to point to other sites. To clarify, HDD has a pollicy on site pimping and thread-jacking, neither of which are allowed, and we want to clarify so forum members understand.

Please don't try to use the wording of this policy to skirt the intent of the policy as this is not a legal court, but a forum and people will be removed if they think that it should not apply to them.

1. Site pimping: The linking to external sites within a post or thread with zero additional discussion of that link would be considered site pimping and is against forum rules.

ie: Posted By: AV_Integrated
Hey guys - check this out!

2. Do not thread-jack HDD review discussions by linking to other sites. There is typically a discussion for most films which exists which is the proper place to discuss and link to that other film. But, if you have a different view you would like to discuss, then please do not link to it in the middle of a HDD official review discussion. It could be mentioned that seems to be in agreement (or not) on the subject, but there is no reason to link off-site to make a point.

3. It's fine to have links as long as you are discussing that link within your post, the post is on subject to the thread, and the single purpose of that link is to further the discussion.

Hey, I was over at this site and I think that the product they are talking about is exactly what everyone should have in their theater. I mean, who wouldn't want a killer dohicky to make their theater easier to use? What do you guys think?

4. Starting a new thread, when there is an existing discussion, and then putting a link as the first item in that thread will generally be considered as site pimping as the main reason for creating that thread will be to draw attention to the external link.

The key is discussion of the topic, not the link itself, and if the link is removed and it destroys the post, then the post should not be made in the first place.