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Default Has anyone seen Miracle at St Anna

I was wondering how the movie was , what would you compare it to? I know it is a World War II story, I am sure it will not come close to Band of Brothers but I want to know if it is worth seeing at all.
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I was wondering how the movie was , what would you compare it to?
Hmmm, let's see...... "crap" just about sums it up.

Band of Brothers was based on actual people. There are many, many inaccuracies, but overall it does a good job of portraying Easy Company paratroopers. Miracle at St Anna is closer to Saving Private Ryan in that it takes actual events and shows them through the eyes of fictional characters.

That said, it's crap. Crap, crap, crap. Saving Private Ryan is three hours long but you don't notice it. This movie's about the same length but you will be checking your watch every ten minutes, it's so slow.

The battle scenes are atrociously done, especially the music. Every time someone gets shot the music basically screams at us to feel sad about it.... ugh. Period details and scenery are nice. The actual St Anna massacre is really nothing more than a footnote in a subplot, of which there are many. Plenty of scenes are downright ludicrous (including the scene when you find out how the main character acquired his Luger.) One subplot concerns a mysterious boy, who is so downright annoying I kept wishing for him to get splattered by an artillery shell or something.

The main cast (the four black soldiers) was decent. If only they'd had a better movie to work with. I recommend watching it only if you're a WWII movie junkie like me. There is one scene that is awesome, a German patrol through an autumn forest on a rainy day, perhaps the only thing decent about the movie. Other than that, it was crap. Give it a rent. I hated it but you might like it.

Blu-ray.com and Roger Ebert were both more forgiving towards the movie's flaws:



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I thought the story angle and plot of the film was good...it just did not do a good job at executing it,imho. It had potential and I was looking forward to seeing it...until I did and...well.....I was just wanting it to be more. I would not say it sucked..but it sure as hell was not great either so I will give it the offical ''meh''. But, to each his own. I guess I was expecting more of a 'Saving Private Ryan' type flick and it was not. Much more character driven that just never got me to care about them,imho. I really wanted to like this flick but I would not choose to see this one again..it is a rather long movie...probably too long than it should have been,imho. Give it a rent and see if you like it.
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