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Old 02-10-2009, 01:47 PM
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Default Why the old Blue & Red 3D?

why do releases use ?anaglyph? instead of ?stereoscopic? 3d?
Will there ever be a use for the 3d feature on my tv?

Why are 's released in the old Red & Blue/Green format, instead of the way they are shown in theaters? What happened to all that " will be able to play SD DVD in 3D format" and such?

The R&B don't work for me. I tried to watch "Journey to the center of the Earth", in 3D, and all it did was hurt my eyes, without ever giving me a 3D effect.

Where as RealD/Disney Digital 3D, work quite well.

I mean what's the point of showing the tech off, with , and PS3 games at every convention for the last 11/2-2 years if it's not to be used?

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Old 02-10-2009, 02:32 PM
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The reason anaglyph 3-D is used on home video is that it's fully compatible with any display type. It's also very cheap to implement.

Yes, anaglyph is garbage. Unfortunately, the more advanced forms of 3-D require compatible TVs and expensive hardware.

I wrote an article on this subject that should be in the April issue of Home Theater magazine.
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Old 02-10-2009, 03:38 PM
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It should be intersting how James Camerons flick, 'Avatar', will be recieved once it comes out in theaters. This movie is getting alot of hype because they are billing it to be the first stepping stone towards 3D being the eventual new standard in filmaking...over 2D filmaking. Cameron is saying the action scenes are going to blow peoples minds. I was reading about all this in an issue of Empire magazine. The article read that Cameron waited for the technology to catch up so that he can release his true vision of the film. I think they are going to use a different type of 3D technology (alternate frame sequencing?? polarisation?? I cant remember now..) than the tradtional 3D kind which is gimmicky and a one trick pony,imho. The kicker is that if the movie does take off in theaters, Cameron has already stated that the technology they used for the 3D cannot be duplicated on todays hdtvs so..why bother buying it if you cant recreate the movie experience home??? Sorry to float off topic a bit. I think 3D will be the new standard....good 3D though. Not the usual crap we all are use to seeing now.
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