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    Default 'Bricktown' -- pre-release thread

    Never heard of this flick, but a new indie called Celebrity Video Distribution will make their next-gen debut with the teen drama 'Bricktown':

    There's no extras announced as of yet, but stay tuned.

    MSRP is $24.95, and street date April 7.

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    Is the BD of BRICKTOWN delayed? Sites selling discs confirm the April 7 release date but all seem to show ships in 2-4 weeks or out of stock?

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    Just got down with it..... the transfer was not one to be terribly proud of... Some shots where great, but some where pure terrible. One scene looked as if it where shot through a screen door. A lot of the night shots where super soft, although there was a few good ones as well.

    As for the movie, I enjoyed it. I'm keeping it, not for the transfer, but for the movie....

    As far as extras go it includes a director interview and a behind the scenes photo gallery... Didn't look into either though...

    The coverart is kinda lame though, well the back is.
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