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Default What do BD features need to do to get j6p?

Because of Jeffrey Katzenberger's flaming hatred for the House of Mouse, the Shrek DVD was heavily promoted as it was hitting shelves the same day Monster's Inc was debuting in theaters.

The advertisements focused on the features of the disc. They even had Katie Curic try them out on the morning news. Shrek went on to be the best selling DVD of all time, at least at that point.

I have no idea how much the features had to do with sales, but let's assume they had at least some impact. What kinds of features do you think general consumers connect with the most?

I used to be a features junkie back when you had to really look far and wide to find them. I behind the scenes documentaries on the Star Wars films, the Superman films, Robocop, Terminator and many others that have never made the transition to DVD for example.

Back then they were done well. Now they just seem to be thrown together haphazzardly to meet an artificial deadline and fill a bullet-point requirement. It's rare you see features that are worth a crap anymore. The LOTR extended editions are an all-too-rare example of how they SHOULD be done.

So I think if the studios can put more effort into doing GOOD featurettes and documentaries, that would be a huge leap forward.

I think BD really needs to put forth an effort to do something not only not possible on DVD, but really innovative to draw people to the format. I think Lionsgate's MoLog is a great example of what can be done with BD-J technology.

Also the interactive games are miles beyond the silly point-click games of DVD. Disney and Lionsgate are leading the charge in this area. The cooking game from Ratatouille and the Robotron-esque game on House of 1,000 Corpses are great fun. I think just showing a couple seconds of a great included game on a commercial would do wonders to bring people to BD.

BD needs to come up with things we've never even imagined. Maybe PS3 exclusive things like destop themes or demos to the movie based game.

What do you guys think?
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