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Default PATTON review

here is a link for a review of Patton

the 2nd disc is a dvd not blu ray

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You can also head over to and read their review of Patton. It includes some awesome screen captures.
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ok that kinda bugs me if the 2nd disc is a DVD i'm assuming its the same 2nd disc that comes with the standard DVD why cant they do that for their other movies like Master and Commander?
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Old 05-20-2008, 11:24 PM
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Originally Posted by squall4008 View Post
ok that kinda bugs me if the 2nd disc is a DVD i'm assuming its the same 2nd disc that comes with the standard DVD why cant they do that for their other movies like Master and Commander?
we all know fox execs are from another planet....probably planet telex
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Old 05-20-2008, 11:51 PM
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These guys smell DNR. Do you ?

My copy of Patton has already been shipped and I would be terribly disappointed if the transfer was DNR-ed.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has now brought to Blu-Ray Disc the spectacular Special Edition that was previously released on DVD. Offering a high definition transfer of the movie in its original 2.20:1 widescreen aspect ratio, I swear that I did a double take when I first put in the disc. The film's opening sequence showing Patton in front of the American flag is simply mind-blowing. The image is so razor-sharp and stable that it looks as if you were looking at a static image on your computer. The colors are so rich, the edges so perfectly defined that it is hard to believe you are looking at a motion picture if it weren't for George C. Scott strutting about in front of it. It will leave you gasping.

However, this kind of stellar cleanliness in the presentation is also one the transfer's shortcomings. In order to achieve this kind of perfect look, a lot of clean-up has been performed on the transfer. You won't find a hint of film grain or dirt anywhere on this release - and I mean anywhere. It is so clean that it is unreal already. Using digital technologies the studio seems to have eliminated all grain from the transfer and while that creates a very clean image, it also has side effects. As a result skin tones look very pasty throughout the movie, as if every actor was wearing a little too much make-up, as if someone forgot to dust of the excess powder on their faces. It is kind of weird to look at Scott's craggy face, hear his throaty, bellowing voice and looking in his super-smooth, glamour-shot style face while body parts explode around him in the battlefield. I am sorry but for all the cleanliness it may have given the transfer I would have preferred the film's original grittiness and edge. Fox clearly went overboard here creating a transfer that no longer represents the original filmmakers' intentions, and while this may please the masses I do not think it is the way to treat a film.

Other than that the transfer does look fantastic with great detail throughout and strong colors that truly pop off the screen. You will see seams and details that you could never see on the DVD. I doubt you could even see them during theatrical presentations either. Contrast is wonderfully balanced with great blacks and strong highlights. There are a few minor coloration issues where shots are slightly off-colored and skin tones suddenly appear with yellow or green tinges but given the film's age and brutal length, a handful of slightly faded shots are certainly excusable.
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Why stir the pot? Let us know what you think of it when you view it. Thanks in advance.
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