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Default Prison break season 1 blu ray.... hows the audio?

Just wondering ive been thinking how in the world DTS HD would benifet a TV show... So can anyone with this box set share how they feel about the audio??
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I can only imagine the challenges that must come with producing a full hour of television every week (most theatrical features get months -- even years). Perhaps as a result, the sound design for 'Prison Break' didn't thrill me as much as its visual style. There isn't all that much going on and true immersion is rare. Still, for a television show, remains impressive.

Each episode gets a DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio 5.1 Surround track (48kHz/24-bit). Surround effects are pretty frequent, and are almost always employed for action-oriented scenes and other stand-out moments. Considering that the series takes place in a cavernous prison, a little more sustained ambiance would have been nice, but the mix always sounds clean, with better low bass than I expected (especially with the score, which packs plenty of punch). And unlike so many lesser shows on television, 'Prison Break' never sounds cheap -- there is an expansiveness and a realism to the dynamics that is palpable. Granted, dialogue can get a bit murky at times, as I found some of the louder scenes tended to overwhelm in terms of aggressive sound effects. Aside from this bit of volume tweaking, these mixes hold up quite nicely.
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Yes i know of the review but i was looking for more fans opinions
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What are you completely new to the current crop of tv shows? Many tv shows have remarkably high production values. Especially in comparison to the tv shows of the 90's and 80's.
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