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    Thumbs up Ultimate Missions Collection -- High-Def Digest Review

    Finally got through the entire M:I box set:

    Pretty impressive! Solid transfers and soundtracks and tons of extras. Didn't love all the films, but I can't imagine a fan not wanting this...

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    Great review Peter. Was going to go for the standalone release but this ultimate set looks too good to pass up.

    Though I might be in the minority, I personally preferred 2000's 'Mission: Impossible 2' (official title 'M:i-2,' funky capitalization intact) over the original.
    Can't speak for anyone else, but I thought the second film was a very poor cousin to the first one, imo.

    Now all I need to decide is which format to get this on...

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    I thought that the HD DVD version was slightly better because of the added special features on MI3. However, audio and video remain the same.

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