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    Default 'Becoming Jane' High-Def Digest Review

    Peter's review of 'Becoming Jane' is up. He says this Blu-ray release has excellent audio and video tracks for a film that is always easy on the eyes. Extras are also gathered together in a nice little package. For fans of the romance genre, and folks who want to imagine the inspiration behind the works of Jane Austen, this is a a cinematic truffle thats worth checking out.

    Full review here:

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    Got this last week, looks great. The movie was decent.
    A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-ray

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    I'm looking forward to picking this up tomorrow! I nearly bought the UK HD DVD version last year, but the exchange rate prevented me from doing so.

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    I ordered this on HD DVD from, and I recently got to watching it. Initially, I was skeptical about the love story as a whole, thinking that it was basically akin to "Shakespeare In Love", but after watching it with the commentary on, I was surprised at the degree of historical accuracy in the romance, and after all, it does make sense that some of her books should be semi-autobiographical. (The one major departure from actual events was noted in the commentary, but I'll give the filmmakers credit that it probably crossed their minds, and so having the characters almost act it out is a good way of painting the picture of what was going through their minds.)

    The thing that struck me most was that it seemed that the characters in her books were Austin's idea of what should have happened in different situations that occurred in her life: her sister Cassandra and Jane Bennett, for example.

    My purpose for listening to the commentary was to understand more about the historical accuracy of the film, and in that I was quite happy with it.

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