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Default Lifechanger - HDD Review

What would you do if you could always be young - so long as another person has to die? That's the precarious position one man finds himself. By absorbing a person, he becomes the person - but they die in a horrific way. All he wants to do is find a way to be with the woman he loves - but he could be risking her life in the process! With plenty of Body Horror to go around, Lifechanger is surprisingly poignant without shying away from the grotesquery included in its premise. A solid A/V presentation and a host of worthwhile bonus features round out this Blu-ray release. If you're game for some fresh indie-horror that's actually well made - take a spin with Lifechanger. Recommended.
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In the past, sometimes I would buy a movie based on its unique flashy cover art and synopsis. I honestly did look a this one but I no longer blind buy on those 2 factors. Anyway, this title looks like it can certainly end up on my want list now.
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