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Default Perfect Blue - HDD Review

Landmark anime film Perfect Blue dissects the psychological torture present in the exploitative “pop idol” industry through the experiences of one girl looking for fame. Satoshi Kon’s celebrated thriller is a disorienting puzzle that finally makes the leap to Region A Blu-ray. GKIDS and Shout! Factory deliver a solid A/V presentation for this 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition coupled with a bevy of special features carried over from previous releases. While Perfect Blue may not get the perfect Blu-ray this time around, it's still Highly Recommended.
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Unfortunately, due to the film being made with hand-drawn cel animation, there is a limit to how well this image can be presented without a total restoration.
That makes no sense at all. Hand drawn animation can be remastered far better than digital animation. Go watch any Disney Blu-Ray that was hand drawn, or Akira, or the Sailor Moon movies, oooooooooooor the Miyazaki films, etc.

Anyway, I'll wait for it to be on sale before I buy it as it doesn't sound like it is worth $25-ish. I love this movie, but I'm not paying a premium for average quality.
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