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Default Tarantula - HDD Review

B-Movie Sci-fi only gets better the bigger the monster gets! Tarantula starring John Agar, Mara Corday, Leo G. Carroll and directed by Jack Arnold, features a radiation-enhanced 100-foot-tall eight-legged monster terrorizing a remote Arizona desert community. It's big! It's hairy! It's a hell of a great release from Scream Factory! With a solid A/V presentation and a couple decent bonus features, it's another Universal International Blu-ray that's Recommended.

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Thanks for the review Matthew! Recently picked up one of my favorite sleeper movies from the 90's (the under-rated Matinee), so definitely wanting to see all these movies Matinee poked fun at! This one looks like a gem...wondering if I saw it on one of those lazy Saturdays in my childhood when they'd run old B movie creature features on my local station in the 70's.
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