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Smile Dolby Vision Digital Download vs. non-Dolby Vision 4k Blu-rays

Hey guys,

I don’t know if this has been addressed already, but I wasn’t able to find a specific thread regarding this topic.

I noticed that most 4K Blu-rays come with a digital download and find it very odd that many digital downloads include Dolby Vision while their respective 4k Blu-ray discs do not. I was updating my movie library and found this to be the case with the Harry Potter movies, La La Land, Mad Max: Fury Road, the Dark Knight trilogy, and many others.

My question is (while I understand that each individual case may be different due to the specifics of the transfer), in cases like this, which of the two versions generally presents the better quality? I always heard that when comparing regular 4K vs. regular 4K, the Blu-ray disc is preferrable because online streaming suffers from compression. However, given that Dolby Vision is supposed to be better than standard 4K, would streaming a movie in Dolby Vision present better quality than watching the same movie on Blu-ray disc but without Dolby Vision? Or would streaming compression issues present such a problem that a non-Dolby Vision Blu-ray disc still be preferrable?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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