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    Default The Good Son - HDD Review

    Man, when I was a kid I couldn't WAIT for The Good Son to come out in theatres, but I have no recollection of whether or not it was any good. Bryan revisited the film for us and says it could have been a much better film if the troubled shoot had allowed for better story and character developement (and possibly a different lead actor). This one's a rental at best.

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    I remember liking this okay when I saw it on HBO as a young dude. Good review, and I'm glad the Blu-ray has quality special features.
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    I still have the laserdisc somewhere. The "clarity" back then on laserdisc - I remember the Mr. Highway scene, the bogus effects particularly. The car windows exploded before the cars themselves impacted each other.
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    Tried to order this, but the Kino site (who had a great sale on this new title; minus -60% just last week, no down to -40%) wouldn't ship to Belgium. Always liked the film, but it sure is unpleasant and creepy.

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