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    Default The Warlock Collection - HDD Review

    Bryan says The Warlock Collection looks and sounds better than ever, but remains For Fans Only.

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    Never saw any of these and at this price I think this set would be worth it. I am tempted to blind buy

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    Thus far I have enjoyed every Vestron release I have purchased.
    I have noticed the spines on these Vestron releases have unique catalog numbers. This one for example might be "12" - Can we add the correct number to the review like we do with Criterion releases?
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    Warlock looks identical to the German release, and despite one being 5.1 and this being 2.0, they pretty much sound the same. Warlock 2 is the exact same broadcast "HD" transfer crapped onto a disc(which I'm fairly certain was actually a ported DVD transfer). I'll be returning this and sticking with the region B German version.
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