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    Default Ocean Waves - HDD Review

    Luke has found the first Studio Ghibli movie for which he doesn't see any deeper meaning. Please check out his review of Ocean Waves.

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    Oh, boy, this sounds dreadful. Ghibli is so perfect for the wonders of fantasy, but I can't think of anything more banal than a school story in that style of animation. Like following Alice around if she never went down the rabbit hole, but just went to kindergarten and got into some arguments in the lunch room or something.

    Poor Luke: back-to-back Criterion and Ghibli reviews of films he didn't like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubdylan View Post
    Poor Luke: back-to-back Criterion and Ghibli reviews of films he didn't like.
    I thought it was weird having two back-to-back brand disappointments too!

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    Looking at the Metacritic (73) and Rotten Tomatoes (86) scores, I'm a bit surprised by Luke's incredibly low score, though Luke didn't exactly see eye to eye with critics or imdb users on Being There either. As such, I won't dismiss the movie outright based on his score, however, that gives me enough pause that I will make sure to give it a rental first instead of blind buying it based on the Ghibli pedigree as I had planned.
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