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Default Iím Not Ashamed Blu-ray (released on Jan 24th 2017)

(Iím Not Ashamed Blu-ray brief user review)

Iím Not Ashamed is a Christian movie that is based on the inspiring true story of Rachel Joy Scott at Columbine High School. This is another true story that was produced by Pure Flix Entertainment and released on the Blu-ray format on Jan 24th 2017 by Universal Studios (Pure Flix Entertainment has a business relationship with Universal Studios). Iím Not Ashamed is a low budget Christian movie that had an estimated budget of 1.5 million dollars, and box office sells were almost 2.1 million dollars. The movie is based on the writings found in Rachel Scottís private journal. Rachael became a strong Christian and witness for Jesus Christ before she and other students were murdered in the Columbine High School massacre . On that terrible day 12 students and one teacher were murdered (plus the 2 gunmen murdered themselves by suicide). In addition to the murders, there were 24 non-fatal injuries that day. From a Christian worldview murder is always wrong since itís the taking of innocent life.

I ended up watching this movie twice since it has a strong Gospel message and its based in reality. Iím Not Ashamed appears to be very accurate according to the historical record. The movie gets its title from the New Testament scripture verse found in Romans 1:16 . This movie is rated PG-13, and does show a little bit of underage teenage drinking and smoking. During Rachelís brief life on earth she struggled with living the Christian life (Rachel quit drinking and smoking when she became a dedicated Christian). Toward the end of her life she became a very strong Christian. The movie also shows Rachel remaining sexually pure. Rachel loses friends when she starts living the Christian life, however she also gains some new friends. People around Rachel become impacted by the good news that the Gospel message of Jesus Christ brings to the world.

The movie is again faithful to the historical record when it comes to the two shooters worldview and at the end of the movie when it shows some brief violence on the screen. When studentís are being taught that there is no God and the lie that evolution is fact instead of just theory, what happens is some people start doing what is right in their own eyes instead of obeying the Ten commandments that speaks against murder of innocent life.

The two shooters decided to attack the Columbine High School on Hitlerís birthday. On that terrible day, one of the shooters called Eric Harris wore a Natural selection T-shirt. The two shooters were combining the theory of evolutions teachings with the example of what the Nazis did in history. Hitler used the theory of evolution to try and justify the murder of over 8 million Jewish people, some Christians, and various other groups. Hitler and the Nazis believed the Germans were the master race and higher on the evolutionary scale of existence. In a Biblical worldview everyone on the planet earth is from the exact same race since everyone came from the creation of the first human beings called Adam and Eve. From a Christian point of view, the two shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold will face judgement from the Creator of the Universe for their immoral actions.

The movie does show the shooters were into violent videogames, however the movie never blames videogames as the source of the problem. The movie does not mention it, but in real life some of the parents from the school filed many unsuccessful lawsuits against certain videogame manufactures that had a lot of violence in the games. People are responsible for their own actions, and there are millions of teenagers and young adults that play violent videogames and watch violent movies, but when it comes to real life many of these people have a worldview that respects human life.

The movie makes one stop and think how short life can be, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Many people wait until there 70ís, 80ís or later in life to consider the possibility of getting closer to Jesus Christ and going to church for the first time in their life. However, in this fallen world there are people that die very young from car accidents and from evil events like the Columbine High School massacre. While this movie has some happy positive moments during Rachelís life, it becomes a sad story toward the end of the movie during the evil attack. The good news is that Rachel is now spending eternity in heaven with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Blu-ray and DVD optical disc comments

The Blu-ray format is slightly over 10 years old, and some secular and Christian studios are still releasing movies on Blu-ray/DVD combo packs. The purpose of a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack is that it allows families to play the lower quality 480i DVD version of the movie in every room, since some families have not upgraded all their DVD players to Blu-ray players yet. For those families that have 100% Blu-ray players there is no reason to even use the 480i DVD disc, since the exact same movie with all the bonus features also exists on the 1080P Blu-ray disc. This Iím Not Ashamed 480i dual layer DVD disc uses 7.46GB of space out of 8.5GB. This Iím Not Ashamed dual layer Blu-ray disc uses 40.7GB of space out of 50GB.

Video quality

This is another excellent Pure Flix Entertainment/Universal Studios release. The average MPEG-4/AVC bit rate appeared to be around 35Mbps. Many scenes were over 37Mbps in regards to MPEG-4/AVC bit rates. This is a standard 1080P release (no 4K Ultra HD release for this title). At times, the color quality and facial detail looked good. Perhaps this low budget movie could have used deeper black levels or better shadow details. Overall, a good picture quality for the low amount of money spent to produce the movie. This movie is also encoded with English SDH and Spanish subtitles.

Audio quality

Overall, this 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio soundtrack sounded very good. The dialogue coming from the center channel and rear speaker surround activity at times was good. In addition, there was some subwoofer activity. Just because a movie has a lossless audio soundtrack that is bit for bit exactly the same as the studio master does not mean the studio master is perfect. Perhaps the surround sound mix could have been better with a higher budget. In addition, it is up to the sound engineer and owners of the movie to make the final artistic decision on how the movie should sound. I could not find any major issues with the audio quality, and felt it was fairly good considering the extremely low budget of this movie. Maybe one day in the future consumers might get to experience higher budget movies from Pure Flix Entertainment that uses 7.1 lossless audio, or even better yet 11.1 object based lossless audio like DTS X and Dolby ATMOS. For the visually impaired, there is also a nice English 2.0 Dolby Digital 192Kbps descriptive audio track.

Bonus Features

The bonus features were enjoyable to watch. 100% of the bonus features use the MPEG-4/AVC codec at 1080P resolution. The main menu uses 2.0 Dolby Digital at 224kbps. All the extra features use 2.0 Dolby Digital at 192kbps. Deleted Scene: Rachel Gets Ready For School (1 minute and 19 seconds), Deleted Scene: Trench Coats (1 minute and 27 seconds), Deleted Scene: Nathan & Rachel Window (3 minutes and 23 seconds), Not Ashamed Music Video (3 minutes and 41 seconds), Mark Pettit Interview (3 minutes and 24 seconds), Social Media Sadie Robertson (1 minute and 6 seconds), Sadie Talking INA (2 minutes and 40 seconds), Bella Talking INA (3 minutes and 2 seconds), Rachelís Last Words (3 minutes and 32 seconds), and Rachelís Personal Items (Mom into Drowning) (42 seconds). The trailers are also exactly the same on both the Blu-ray and DVD.


Iím Not Ashamed is another excellent Christian movie that is based on the true story of the life of Rachel Joy Scott at Columbine High School. The movie is very accurate according to the historic record, and some non-Christians might be interested in this movie to better understand the worldview and belief system that motivated the two high school shooters to commit the act of mass murder. In addition the video quality was very good for the movies budget. The 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio soundtrack has now become a standard feature offered on Pure Flix Entertainment releases, and this movie sound mix sounded excellent. The bonus features were excellent (I wish Pure Flix Entertainment would have produced an audio commentary track for this movie, however none exists). This is a another highly recommended Christian movie to watch on a difficult subject matter.

This was just a brief user review, Martin Liebman wrote a more detailed professional review that can found at the following link

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