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Old 08-03-2007, 11:23 PM
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Default Blockbuster Canada, Absolutely Amazing Setup

I want to a new promo (ie new store setup model) Blockbuster today here in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and was absolutely shocked at what I saw. Their setup was too good to be true. It consisted of two EQUAL sections of HD movies. One section had a large title banner 'Blu-ray', under which they had about 100 to rent, the other section had a nice red banner 'HD-DVD', also with about 100 titles to rent. There was a small stand in front the two sections, right in the middle actually, with a bunch of handouts made by Blockbuster that inform the customer what Blu-ray and HD-DVD are, and they both explained the positives of each.

I continued to walk around the store esp towards the 'sale' area, and again it was promising setup to give an EQUAL space for both Blu-ray and HD-DVD to buy. Prices were fair, about 1-2 bucks more than amazon so overall competative.

What really shocked me was I asked at the desk about the formats, while I was buying a couple HD-DVD's and the clerks were extremely knowledgable about both, funny because a lot of other electronic stores dont seem to know much. Not to be sexist or anything but both clerks were very young, 18-20 year old females, ie not who you would normally assoc with HD knowledge, but again it was clearly my misconception, as they were obviously trained very well.

I should also note that this promo test store layout WILL be going full scale in Canada very shortly, so while Blockbuster has made there decision in the USA, it clearly does not affect the Canadian decision to move both formats

I am going to try an hit the store agian, this time with a camera, I think you guys really need some photos to first hand appriapate the work that was done instore for these EQUAL setups.

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Old 08-03-2007, 11:27 PM
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coolz, but a picture is worth thousand words!
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Old 08-03-2007, 11:33 PM
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Going to try to hit it up tomorrow for you guys, grab a few pics if they'll let me.

This is the handout they are giving

Stores included:

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